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Employment Guidance programme - KUWAIT

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  • Mathew Moolayil Varghese
    Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you.����� Matthew 6:33 Dear all in Christ, Our Mar Baseliose Youth
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2004
      "Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you.� Matthew 6:33

      Dear all in Christ,

      Our Mar Baseliose Youth Association (MBYA) Kuwait, has now formed an Employment Guidance Cell in the Parish with a view to lending a helping hand to the jobless Syrian Orthodox faithful in Kuwait in their search for suitable jobs

      Our Vision

      Our aim is to make this Job Guidance Cell a unique one which not only provides the job seekers with job leads, resume reviews, advices, resume revisions, etc. but also you can expect to receive our prayer support.

      Since most of the jobless people are new-comers, we aim to welcome them to our church with open hearts, open minds and open doors and help them integrate into church activities.

      Our Mission

      The mission of the Job Guidance Cell is to facilitate employment among our members, as being without a job can be demoralizing and spiritually depleting. Even the anticipation of losing a job is one of the biggest stressors we can face.

      Studies revealed that more than eighty five percent of the jobs in the Gulf are not advertised, and due to this fact alone, many of the qualified and competent candidates are unable to find suitable placements as they have lack of contacts.

      In today's ever-changing job market, it is important to find a good career fit that allows you to focus on the work areas that naturally motivate and interest you.

      Our Services

      Currently, the following services are being offered to the job seekers:

      * Assistance with Job search
      * Resume Reviews
      * Resume Revisions on selected cases
      * Resume sending by fax/email.

      How you can Help

      Your prayers are our greatest strength. You may remember this subject in your daily prayers and seek the blessings of the Lord for its progressive success.

      Secondly, you may inform us whenever you get a job lead. Almost all of us, at some point of time, come across job leads, that may be at your workplace, or through a friend, or from an acquaintance.

      Remember, a timely action from your side will lead you to an opportunity to help your brethren who is in need of a job.

      Your advice, suggestions, etc. are always welcome to enable us to improve the performance of our Job Guidance Cell.

      To Job Seekers in Kuwait :

      Please fill-in and return the EGC Registration Form which is available at the Parsonage or from the EGC Coordinators.

      Your applications will be processed through our Database Software and you will be notified as and when we receive a suitable Job Lead

      Please pray for us and wish us good luck in this endeavor

      E-mail: mathewmvar@...
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