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Re.Mr.Thomas (Kerala Govt. must honor Malankara Metropolitan)...

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  • Biju Kurain Mathews
    Yesterday I read an article in IOC forum No.1252. Mr.Thomas P wrote that Kerala Govt.must honor the Malankara Metropolitan. He had written about the unity and
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      Yesterday I read an article in IOC forum No.1252. Mr.Thomas P wrote that
      Kerala Govt.must honor the Malankara Metropolitan. He had written about the
      unity and integrity of the malankara church. He thinks that the Patriarch
      faction trying to fragment the church. I would like to comment on certain
      points mentioned by him.

      >Saints of the past accepted the Malankara Metropolitan and worked in
      >the Synod of the Malankara Metropolitan. He was the Metropolitan head
      >of the Malankara Church (parishes and people). St. Parumala
      >Thirumeni was also obedient to the Malankara Metropolitan. Always the
      >saint obeyed the Malankara Metropolitan

      This clearly states that Parumala Thirumeni was obedient to someone other
      than Malankara metropolitan and that was Patriarch of Antioch. Parumala bava
      obeyed Pulikottil Thirumeni because he was ordained and accepted by the
      Patriarch. When Parumala bava ordained there was a Malankra metropolitan.
      Mathews Mar Athansiose Palakkunnathu who received a royal decree confirming
      his position. But Parumala bava did not accept him and was obedient to
      Pulikottil thirumeni.

      >Innocent people are then made 'bali aadu', for the desires of the leaders and >people getting top titles from Damascus. Very lengthy and complicated titles
      >are issued each year. Uneducated man will priase these titles and
      >worship the recipients.

      Patriarch is issuing titles in Syriac, that does'nt mean that it is lengthy
      and complicated. Mr.Thomas wrongly think that whoever is there in Patriarch
      faction are uneducated and worship the recipients.

      >They teach fancy ideas, borrowing concepts from RC chuch. Yet
      >mercilessly call it 'true faith protection', in total defial of the
      >teachings of pure fathers of universal ORTHODOXY

      He writes about the Universal Orthodoxy. Do the IOC has any universal
      concepts? They always think that Christianity is restricted to IOC and the
      boundary of the church is limited. Patriarch faction never drew a boundary
      for the church & it beliefs in universal orthodoxy.

      Damascus does not interfere with the church activities, it just guides the
      Patriarch faction as per request. Damascus doesn't need the property &fund
      from the patriarch faction to sustain their lives.

      >All leaders are happy in this system, because they got
      >their portion, and Damascus is happy as they receive their properties
      >and funds too through splitting the innocent people of a developing
      >country. "Avarude tholi veluthathaanallo!", so they can do anything
      >towards people of this lesser nation, calling them subordinates,
      >cursing their saintly fathers and so on ...

      Nothing can be done by any man to darken their skin. They have a "Velutha
      tholi". If the IOC has a universal concept, they never had expressed such
      feelings. The late Vattakkunnel Bava is the only person who talked about
      having metropolitans with fair skin and handsome features.

      >Which canon allows a Syrian bishop to eat meat? Which Syrian
      >fathers of the Old Sacred Orthodox church of Antioch lived this way?

      Please read Act.10:11-15. I am sure that the 4 metropolitans who left
      Jacobite church & joined IOC eat meat and meat products. I know that IOC
      issues "kalapana" for marriages during the Lent, not only that they serve
      'Biriyani&Fried rice along with Non veg. dishes. Is this the way IOC
      observes Lent? Then how can they criticize others. One of the IOC priests
      had said he obeys Patriarch in regulation concerning Lent.

      >The Government forced ordained bishops to suffer
      >through 'Sathyagraha'. "Shresta Purohitanmaare Pattinikkitta Sarkaar"
      >then experienced the result of it.

      The bishop who took 'sathyagraha' according to their wish. They were not
      compelled by the govt. when "sathyagraha" was going on in Kerala Mar
      Nicholavos(US) visited Muscat. One of the faithful of IOC asked whether he
      is planning to visit Kerala in the near future. Thirumeni replied that I go
      to Kerala now, they will force me also to fast. Then he returned to US.
      Can you name any bishop in IOC who is holy in their words &actions? At this
      moment we should remember the campaign for the election of Metropolitans in
      IOC held at Parumala recently. The campaign was reported worst as compared
      to political campaign by the leading newspapers. H.H.Catholicose Mathews II
      bava himself criticized the candidates behavior.

      They failed not because of IOC'S stand against the Govt. it was just because
      of the groupism that pulled down the Congress party. It is a well-known

      >There is a way to prove this, inform a child about numerous fragments
      >in the group of H.B. Thomas 1 and about the integrally one Malankara
      >church of the Malankara Metropolitan, and ask the child which Church
      >is preserving unity. There is no doubt that the innocent child will
      >answer 'the Church of the Malankara Metropolitan'.

      Mr.Thomas accuse H.B. Catholicose Thomas I for fragmenting church. Our
      Catholica bava was ordained by patriarch and accepted by the people. He
      visits churches supporting him. Supreme Court verdict gives freedom to
      individual churches. They use their freedom appropriately. But the IOC group
      tried to enter in Manarcadu Church where the parishioners were against him.
      Now IOC bava filed a case in the Supreme Court to get permission to enter in
      to the 9 Jacobite churches.

      Catholicos faction is standing against maintaing peace in the church &
      accuse Jacobite faction. As per the Supreme Court verdict Malankara, church
      is part of of the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church, which is headed by the
      patriarch of Antioch. Soon after this, H.H.Catholicose Mathews II declared
      in an interview in India Today that he doesn't accept the supremacy of the
      Patriarch. The verdict also states that Catholicose is Under the Patriarch.
      Dr.D.Babu Paul wrote in 'New vision for a changing world' vol.4, issue3
      Nov.2003, under the title THE ZAKKA PATRIARCHATE "A metropolitan of
      Devalokam wanted to cross over the patriarchal side. I was the messenger.
      His Holiness said accepting such people under such circumstances would
      derail the process of peace. This happened in 1995. I cannot reveal the name
      as both sender and the receiver bound me to secrecy. The sender binding is
      understandable but the patriarch taking such a considerate view to avoid
      embarrassment for a metropolitan on the other side shows, again, how saintly
      Patriarch Zakka is"

      After the supreme court verdict both factions formed a committee for peace
      talks, Patriarch faction headed by Thomas Mor Dionasiose( the present H.B) &
      Catholicose faction headed by Paulose Mar Gregoriose (the late). 4 or 5
      times they met After that catholicose faction withdrew from the committee.
      V.Rev.Kuriakose Moolayil also was a member of the committee. If you want you
      can contact him for further details. Patriarch himself sent letters to IOC
      bava encouraging peace. But IOC bava denied all these. In 2002, when
      H.B.Thomas I was ordained patriarch states that he waited 7 years for the
      peace of the church in Malanakra and when he saw that it is not working out
      he ordained H.B.Thomas I to minister and guide the Jacobite Church smoothly.
      H.B.Thomas I himself declared that he is ready to resign the position if the
      Catholicose faction accepts the Patriarch as their head.

      I don�t think a child will say that, because the children are more
      intelligent now a days, not so innocent as before, as they more exposed to
      current situations. And if you tell the above mentioned facts the child will
      say that the Jacobite church is for unity. You can ask the same question to
      the sister churches in Malankara.

      It is also understood that to claim individuality, the Catholicose faction
      doesn't have a liturgy of their own, all of which was translated from the
      Syrian Orthodox Church. Catholicose faction has formed a liturgy to bury
      those who committed suicide., taking in to consideration of the present
      situation. Does it mean that the Orthodox Church encourages suicide?
      Last but not the least, whenever you handle such issues it is advisable to
      seek the truth regarding events.

      Biju Kurain Mathews
      St.George Church Puthuppally
      St.Marys Jacobite Church Muscat
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