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PARUMALA THIRUMENY's relics with the Jacobites and others

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  • Koshy George
    A few days back Mr. ALIYAS ISSAC have posted a message in IOIForum where he questioned the authenticity of our people establishing Parumala thirumeni�����s
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      A few days back Mr. ALIYAS ISSAC have posted a message in IOIForum where he questioned the authenticity of our people establishing Parumala thirumeni’s relic. His message and my reply to this enclosed below.
      =====================================================================================================================================================ALIYAS ISSAC’s message in IOF forum (dt. 23rd July)

      Date: Sun, 04 Jul 2004 19:48:42 +0000
      From: ALIYAS ISSAC, Kuwait

      hi brothers
      praise the lord
      i am aliyas issac. Me belongs arumala aruma church thuru thuply perumbavoor.
      i heared one news that fr Velam parambil is going to put some borns or cloths of PARUMALA THIRUMENY AT JACOBITE CHURH PERUMANY PERUMBAVOOR. I DONT KNOW FROM WHERE HE GOT IT.BODY OF THE GREAT THIRUMENY IS AT PARUMALA PALLY.THEN HOW HE GOT THIS. arumala pally is under orthodox wing.Every body take care about this. And pray for this
      aliyas issac ksa.
      Dear ALIYAS ISSAC,

      The relic that was established in a Jacobite Church near Perumbavur by Rev.Fr.Peter Velamparambil is a piece of Kappa of Saintly Thirumeni, not the bone as doubted by Aliyas Issac. As far as I know, no part of the late Thirumeni’s body has been taken from his tomb at Parumala so far (this is what I have heard). So no church in the world bears any part of the body of Thirumeni except at Malecurizu Dayara (near Puthencurizu) where a tooth of the Saintly thirumeni is established. This they got from an inmate of the Dayra who preserved it when Parumala thirumeni’s decayed tooth was thrown away during his stay at Malecurizu.

      So whenever it is said that Thirumeni’s relic is established, it has to be understood that it is part of Masnapsa, Kappa, Pen, etc. that was used by our thirumeni. It is there in many churches in Malankara, both factions. Some priestly families who were closely associated with Parumala thirumeni also have these relics which they preserve it as private property.

      The Amsavadi (crosier) that was given to Parumala kochu thirumeni during his ordination by the Patriarch Peter III was returned after Thirumeni’s demise as per the Church tradition and the same was later given to Abraham Mor Clemis, the late Metropolitan of the Kananya Church at the time of his ordination by the Patriarch Aphrem I. This was with him till his last, but I am not sure where that is now, may be it is now with his successor Mor Severios at Chingavanom. Other crosiers used by Parumala Thirumeni are now kept in different churches. The present Jacobite Metropolitan of Kochi diocese, H.G. Joseph Mor Gregorios who is from the same family and a close relative of Parumala Thirumeni have an Amsavadi that was frequently used by Parumala Thirumeni and this he uses on important occasions. He has with him many other things used by Parumala Thirumeni. Also the Malankara Malpan Kaniamapramabil Kurien Corepsicopa, the priest trustee of the Jacobite Syrian Church, who is a distant relative of Parumala Thirumeni too have a collection of relics of Parumala thirumeny, but this too is some thing like cloth, book etc. (Both Kaniamparambil and Pallithatta are branches of Thanagattu family of Mulanthuruthy). Recently I came to see a kalpana written by parumala thirumeni to one churches at angamaly diocese which is preserved by a fellow who's grand father was a priest.

      Koshy George, Baroda.
      Kerala: Thumpamon Valiyapally
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