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News from a 'daily' on 'Anapappy'

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    V Thomas (vthomas@telgroup.co.in) wrote on 2-March-2002, Suggestion. MM SHOULD DECLARE ANAPAPAY ALSO A SAINT.!!! Read the below News from Malayala
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 2, 2002

      V Thomas  (vthomas@...)   wrote on  2-March-2002,

                            " Suggestion.   MM SHOULD DECLARE ANAPAPAY ALSO A SAINT.!!! "


                                    Read the below News from Malayala Manorama about   Mr.ANAPAPPY         

      On 18th Feb 2002 (Sunday), a special commemorative meeting on the life of the body guard of Wattasseril Thirumeni,  Mr.‘ANAPPAPPY’ ,  was held at Kottayam Cherya palli Hospital at 4.00 PM.   The meeting was presided over by  Chengannoor Metropolitan, ‘Thomas Athanasius’, and others were also present.  It is heard that the speakers praised this ANAPAPPY for his services. 

      A concerned news about the event was published in ‘MALAYALA MANORAMA’ daily on 17th Feb 2002, Page 3, Kottayam Edition.  You can access the news by clicking the following link.

          Click here for the concerned news on Commemoration of Anapappy




      V Thomas <vthomas@...> wrote:

      Dear All,
      Many years back I have read a novel by name" Devils Advocate".As I remember
      in that book the author mentions the  discreet methods  catholic church takes before
      declaring  one as saint.(canonisation).There has to be records of miracles conducted
      by the person when he was living and also  miracles happened by the intercession of the
      saint .They have not declared mother Therasa as saint so far ,even  though we in  india
      used to consider her as a living saint ,when she was alive..Do we (syrian orthodox church)
      have any procedure for canonisation?How we have declared the earlier metropolitans as saint?.
      I have not heard about the miracles  done by  Vattaseril thirumeni,during his life,other than
      the strife HG has created.Many people,I have heard, describing him as  very 'smart.'  but not saintly.
      HG and his followers could establish St Thomas throne in India,by deciet. H.G could  divide our church
      I have heard, HG was ruthless to his opponents.In this connection, I have heard a story about
      the Malanaka Metro politan who was cast  out by Vttaseril metropolitan  ruthlessly from pazhaya seminary then
      That bishop took  asylum in Panambady  St Marys church.HG was very old , a pious and simple man who was
      no match for vattaseril faction.(.Paulose Mor Kurilos,Kochuparambil thirumeni).
      This story was told by none other than our late Perumballi Thirumeni
      kochuparambil thirumeni was old and pious.HG was meticulous in his seven times  a day prayers.
      For midnight prayer he used to rely the call of  Puvan khozhy(cock).
      As oldest and senior most metroploitan he was the Malnkara metropolitan.After division in chuch
      as a supporter of Patriarch he was asked to go out from Pazhaya seminary,as pazhaya seminary
      came in to the hands of Metran kashi..By  kettu vallam(boat),from Pazhaya seminary HG came down to
      St Marys church panambady which is down the stream.
      But Vattseril faction thought as a Malakara Metropolitan H.G may create problem and wanted finish off
      Thirumeni.They hired a notorious killer of that time by  name Anapappy to kill the bishop.
      Anappay came in the midnight to kill thrumeni and entered the thirumeni's room
      As thirumeni was not there ,he went back  with the intention of returning,after some time
      History says he was killed by Muslims,the same night.
      Where was the H.G when Anappappy came?As per the version of  our dear late prumballil thirumeni,
      who was famous for metaphorical narrations,that  night puven kozhy(cock) gave the alaram(kooval),early
      and thirumeni  went to pary earlier than ebvery night.When Anapappy was looking for thirumeni,
      the angels were gaurding H.G.
      Leave alone this story.I am a beneficiary,of the intercession of kochuparambil thirumeni,many times.
      Thirumeni is a saint and we need to look into the life of H.G as Malayalmanorama
      has already made Vattaseril Thirumeni a saint.
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      Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2002 5:15 PM
      Subject: [SOCM-FORUM] Wattessril Methran, a Saint ?

      With the announcement of Wattasseril Thirumeni as Saint, it is becoming clearer and clearer, what the future intentions of Manorama group.  Instead of Wattaseril Methran, they could have conferred sainthood to Pampady Thirumeni who according to many in their church is the apt candidate.....

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    • drthomas_joseph
      ... The Syriac Orthodox Church does not have the rigorous and formal procedure of canonization or beatification as practiced in the Roman Catholic Church. The
      Message 2 of 4 , Mar 3, 2002
        In message #453, "V Thomas" <vthomas@t...> wrote:
        > Do we (syrian orthodox church) have any procedure for canonisation?
        > How we have declared the earlier metropolitans as saint?.

        The Syriac Orthodox Church does not have the rigorous and formal
        procedure of canonization or beatification as practiced in the Roman
        Catholic Church. The fathers of the church were not compelled to
        establish such formal processes most likely due to the reluctance to
        establish parameters for "holiness" best left to judgment in the
        sight of God. In practice, the holiness of a saint is recognized by
        popular acclaim and over time the more prominent of the holy ones are
        commemorated as saints in the liturgies. Today, from a liturgical
        perspective, the formal recognition as a saint comes with the
        authorization to use the quqalya of the zadeeqe (hymns for
        intercession of the righteous) in his or her commemoration at the
        tomb or on the memorial day. Given the widely variant list of local
        saints in the calendars of different monasteries in the Middle East,
        I suspect that such recognitions of sainthood were made rather
        informally by the abbots of monasteries. In recent times, the
        Patriarch as the spiritual head of the Church grants such
        authorizations with the consent of the Holy Synod. However, given the
        fact that the fifth diptych (Syr. toob-deyn) read universally has
        undergone no changes since it was authored by Mor Ya`qub of Edessa
        (c. AD 633-708), it is unlikely that any Patriarch since has formally
        declared anyone a universal saint. (Note that even the encyclical
        from HH the Patriarch No. E265/87 dt. Oct 20, 1987 permits additions
        to the diptych for use only in Malankara).

        In my humble opinion, the Church should remain true to its traditions
        and shy away from formal bestowals of sainthood. It is up to the
        faithful to seek intercession of whoever they consider holy in the
        sight of God. After all is said and done, those who have a 'confident
        stand in the presence of God' are the ones who are holy.

        Thomas Joseph, Ph.D.
        Web Master, SOR (http://sor.cua.edu)
        Technical Editor, Hugoye: Journal of Syriac Studies
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