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Mission To The Blind

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  • Philip Oommen
    Dear SOCM forum members HELEN KELLER�����S BIRTH DAY CELEBRATION ON JUNE 27 June 27, the birthday of Hellen Keller is celebrated worldwide especially by blind
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 25, 2004
      Dear SOCM forum members


      June 27, the birthday of Hellen Keller is celebrated
      worldwide especially by blind people. She became a
      role model for millions of people. She was a deaf and
      blind woman who worked for the rights of blind people
      all over the world.

      June 27, 1880 Helen Keller was born in the USA with
      full sight and hearing. When she was 18 months old she
      fell ill and became deaf and blind. Anne Sullivan a
      partially blind teacher taught Helen Keller to finger
      spell. Later they spent a lot of time touring world
      raising money for the education and development of
      blind people. They spent years traveling the world,
      fundraising for the American Foundation for the
      Overseas Blind. In 1961 Helen suffered the first of a
      series of strokes and her public life was to draw to a
      close. On June 1, 1968 Helen died peacefully in her

      By grace of God I work for the �Mission to The Blind�
      for the last 10 years. In India Missions To The Blinds
      (MTB) is the only organization that leads blind people
      to the Lord and give care and training to them. It is
      a national organization working among the blinds in
      most of the Indian states. In Kerala alone there are
      approximately 3 lakhs of blind people. MTB Kerala
      unit, works among approximately 5000 blind
      people(Christians & non Christians). MTB keep in touch
      with their families also. Before they came to MTB,
      many of them were rejected in their homes and
      community and didn�t know Jesus. MTB conducts gospel
      camps, and other training courses for them. With the
      help of MTB, several of them got jobs and lead happy
      married life. Blind people need your prayers and
      financial support to lead a happy normal life.

      What is our duty to the blind people who live among
      us? In Helen�s own words �The public must learn that
      blind man is neither a genius nor a freak nor an
      idiot. He has a mind that can be educated, a hand
      which can be trained, ambitions which it is right for
      him to strive to realize and it is the duty of the
      public to help him make the best of himself so that he
      can win light through work.�

      Dear beloved, if you have a burden in your heart to
      lead the blind people to the Lord, or to minister
      them, please donate cheerfully to the MTB fund. Send
      your donation to �Mission To The Blind, A/c 11868,
      Indian Bank, Pattom, Trivandrum-695004�. Do you know a
      blind person whom MTB should contact and include him
      in the MTB�s regular Christian activities? Pl. inform
      us. Address: 51B Kawadyar Gardens,
      Trivandrum-695003,Kerala, India. With a donation of Rs
      10,000 you can lead a couple of blind persons to the
      Lord and help them lead a normal life by our training
      and care program.

      You can help the blind in other ways also. Employ them
      in your school, factory, business etc for suitable
      jobs. MTB can supply trained, talented and God fearing
      men and women for this purpose. They can sing, play
      music instruments, make envelops etc.

      You can also invite �Voice of the MTB�, the music team
      for a function in your church, school, etc with a
      donation of Rs 5,000 and above. Supporting the blind
      people would be a great virtue that you are doing in
      your life to the poor souls. Our Lord will reward you
      on the day of resurrection of the righteous. May God
      bless you all while remembering and helping the blind
      people on the birthday of Helen Keller.

      Philip Oommen
      Member of St.Kuriakose Orthodox Church

      Hon. Secretary, Mission To The Blind,
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