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Re: Is it christanity? By Bro. BJ Geevarghese in Digest Number 933

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  • CJ Varughese
    Dear SOCM-FORUM Members & Especially Bro. KJ Geevarughese (Babu), ... In this connection, following is my observations: IT is a universally accepted fact that
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 25, 2004
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      Dear SOCM-FORUM Members &
      Especially Bro. KJ Geevarughese (Babu),

      This refers to your posting, wherein you expressed the following:

      > I notice that, All the writings, it is very much vishualise that one and
      > all blaming to other, finding the fault putting masalas and serving to
      > others for entertainment and to show, we are the only one who is sinless
      > and the children of God. What we do all will be accepted by him and give
      > us eternal part with him and the father. Is it we mean? In Christianity I
      > never read anywhere in the Bible nor from a scholar, always you should be
      > jealousy or to hate others, there I will please on you. All ways
      > rependence and saturations keep one calm and peace.
      > I feel, some section of ours always interested disturbances and others
      > unhappiness. What I like, It should be appreciated, followed, and preached
      > to all. This type of mentality is of course devil and I feel God never
      > encourage or bless.Is this is the outlook of ours? and our people taught
      > form our forefathers? Is it Christianity? Whatever thing we do, we say we
      > quote about Christianity, Is it? What it is? What should be our coming
      > Generation accept? Whether we now calculate, they should not be a peace
      > loving lot? Always hate others? This question is putting to the readers
      > for their thinking...
      > Is it Christianity or for our temporary satisfaction or to please someone?
      > Babu, > St.Mary’s OS Church> Ahmedabad

      In this connection, following is my observations:

      IT is a universally accepted fact that the core purpose of human existence
      is “TO LIVE TOGETHER IN PEACE”. But, the duration of this limitation can
      never be known to us. There are three periods in life: a period of birth,
      a period of living, and a period of death. Within these there are two
      different and opposite elements of life which have encompassed the realm
      of human existence. They are LOVE and HATRED. The two opposite elements do
      not have necessarily an unsolvable conflict in life. Naturally, we humans
      have a negative tendency of thought that the bad overcomes the good.

      The first period of our life, that is birth, is just a short time, and the
      third and the last period is death, will pass as fast as a flashing life.
      Within these two there is the most important and critical period of
      LIVING, whose duration of time cannot be foretold, composes “varieties of
      living experiences”. Is in this period that we are to prepare ourselves to
      face untimely challenges of communal clashes, economic insecurity, class
      discrimination, superiority of particular person and religious dogmas and
      unwanted crimes. The happenings in this period can be untimely, and one
      may not be prepared to face it. We are unprepared because UNDERSTANDING
      AND FORGIVENESS are not available to us, because we are not ready to make
      them available for others. And these untimely challenges put us in the
      midst of laughter and cry. Since the untimely and the unwanted happening
      in this period is eminent in one’s life, it is the individual’s
      prerogative to judge it and put forward his/her further steps. There lies
      the proper way to life.

      It is easier to hide than to share with. It is tougher to act than to
      speak out. Life is not a drama, but is the scenery, which is seen and
      viewed from different angles. The beauty of this scenery does not depend
      on a viewer’s opinion, because originally life is beautiful. There will
      confusion behind a pretentious smile, and it brings out a wrong confidence
      in the community. The pretentious smile is hollow in nature, and it has a
      high tendency to be proud of its achievements in the community. (Earlier
      these examples were seen only in our political life, but now it is
      prevalent in our religious life also, and that is why you Brother Varghese
      – or Babu, are getting agitated). A true smile is not just an expression
      of a facial look. It comes from a sincere heart of the one who smiles, and
      it can be heard and seen in words and action. It will not differentiate
      between classes of people to whom it is addressed.

      HUMANIST. But in reality let me tell you the TRUTH, which is not a
      negative thinking, but a fact: “IN OUR PRESENT SOCIETY, COMMITMENT TO

      I confess it is a great struggle to find the balance between telling the
      truth openly and boldly and acting with love. I think that often those of
      us in the midst of the current atmosphere don’t realize how much extreme
      or untrue statements upset others who hear them. Once they get into print
      or on e-mail and go around the world, it is almost impossible to correct
      them. The law in most countries is that you are innocent until proved
      guilty, but sometimes in the Body of Christ, you are guilty until proved
      innocent. If we are to see victory in these confusing days, then we must
      listen to one another and try to keep communicating with one another with
      GRACE (the gift of the Holy Spirit). Along with graceless criticism often
      goes a tendency to make exaggerated claims, again without sometimes having
      the facts right.

      The really big mistakes and sins that cause grief to the Body of Christ,
      in ways that are hard to assess and evaluated are not usually those of
      some inexperienced or from a common man, but from people who is holding
      higher and coveted positions and have high reverence among the faithfuls.
      Due to the confusion created by them, naturally people opposed to these
      new found dogmas and schisms were felt either sidelined or face the most
      vulnerable deviations from the tradition and subsequently its consequences
      only created the hatredness and division among the faithfuls. Please read
      “Think of what you were when you were called. Not many of you were wise by
      human standards; not many were influential; not many were of noble birth.
      But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise, God chose
      the weak things of the world to shame the strong” (1 Cor. 1:26-27).

      Somehow nationalism and perfectionism has got married to legalism and
      together these can now stop even the most sincere and zealous disciples
      from practicing their true faith. To come out of such situation, let’s be
      honest about our differences. On some occasions, there will be the need to
      take a harder line on some issues. One of the marks of maturity is the
      ability to disagree without becoming disagreeable. In fact handling
      disagreements with tact is one of the crowning achievements of the GRACE,
      again the gift of Holy Spirit. The IOC captains lack this, and hence not
      only their words, but also their deeds find criticism and opposition from
      among the faithfuls.

      Due to the prevailing unrest (more than a century old) many people like
      the Jacobites, and now yourself and scores of other IOC believers, have
      felt rejected and hurt because they were not received by the proponents of
      the new schism, simply because they did not have the same understanding.
      In reality all the people who have been rejected to some degrees, because
      they did not fit in with someone else’s expectations – because they were
      not come up to the mark on any one of a hundred possible issues, which may
      or may not have genuine importance. What makes this problem even more
      complex is that so often preachers emphasis these smaller issues from the
      pulpit, affecting how their congregations think and how they evaluate
      other people and their beliefs. I think that our behaviour often
      testifies that these little issues are more important to us than the unity
      and reality that we have in Jesus Christ. Please remember “No one who does
      a miracle in my name can in the next moment say anything bad about me, for
      whoever is not against us is for us” (St. Mark 9:39-40). How beautifuly
      our Lord put it in. Whereas I doubt our leadership do not get the hidden
      message from it till today.

      It is a fact that the Supreme Head of Syrian Orthodox Church showed HH
      big-heartedness and gracefulness by forgiving and forgetting the past
      misdeeds of the perpetuators of the current unrest in the Malankara
      Church. They could not understand the GRACE of HH because the GRACE from
      the HOLY SPIRIT is really missing from IOC captains of today.

      With prayers,
      CJ Varughese
      St. Mary's JSO Church, Ahmedabad
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