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Adai BooK club

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  • Paul Philipose
    All I recieved two books yesterday. One of it was Ittop writer s History of the church ( Malayalam ). I knew that this is the history book that was
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 23, 2004

      I recieved two books yesterday. One of it was "Ittop writer's
      History of the church" ( Malayalam ). I knew that this is "the"
      history book that was authentic ( first publsihed in 1839 or so)
      and is widely quoted. But whatr I DIDNOT know was that, no one had
      the copy of this valuable book. Luckly Moolayil achan( who is a regular
      here and president of the club) had a Zerox ( Photostat ) copy and
      that is now published as a book with the help of many people.

      I was always under the impression that this book was available and
      it should be "some where". Achan's effort in preserving a great
      book and part of histoy is very highly commendable. It is
      a truely a admirable effort.

      But these kinds of quality books cannot be published unless people
      help him and subscribe to the club. I request every one who has the
      means to help this effort by becoming book club memeber.

      If you cannot do that, at least try to make your church a memeber
      of the club and support this effort us and for the future generations.

      The Last book " chruch histroy of our HH Patrarch Yacoob III" was
      a great great book. The next book ( I think is ) is Vol II.

      So be a part of a great effort, if you can .


      Paul Philipose
      St. Ignatious JSC, Dallas
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