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Re:Current Malankara Church Affairs- who is responsible?

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  • CJ Varughese
    Dear All, These are some of my own thoughts, and not to be quoted. Since it is my own thought, i do not claim it is correct. The current malankara church split
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 18, 2004
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      Dear All,

      These are some of my own thoughts, and not to be quoted.

      Since it is my own thought, i do not claim it is correct.
      The current malankara church split occurred because of the actions of of
      our late Patriarch Moran Mor Peter-III. Following are the reasons:

      1. HH Called the Mulanthuruthy Synod?

      In that Synod, HH divided the Malankara Church into different dioceses and
      anointed bishops for all these newly formed dioceses. Till then the
      Archadiyacon (or Malankara Metropolitan)was in full control of the entire
      malankara church. Because of the number in bishops increased the question
      of presiding over the meetings of these bishops might have arised. Then
      these meetings transformed into the shape of a local Synod. (Am I right?)
      After having a Synod, never heard before in Malankara thought of having
      taking some independent decisions initially, then started dictating to the
      head of the church, thereby provoked a thinking to one of the incubent of
      Malankara Metropolitan to think of having an independent church,
      thereafter thought of a new throne, heard nowhere till then, and so on
      and so forth.

      2. Anointing St.Gregorios (Kochu-thirumedi of Parumala).

      This action of HH is one of the major contributor towards strengthening
      the IOC. Why? All know that in the later part of 19th century the
      southern part of Kerala, where the newly formed reformists group under
      the Palakkunnathu Athanasious Metropolitan,were harrassing the
      believer's in all their might. Thousands of Syrian Orthodox Christian
      in southern Kerala could not withstand in their attack, slowly the
      Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church in South Kerala was going to become
      extinct. HH foresee the situation very clearly. Though the Reformist's
      could not succeed in the court of law to have control of the Malankara
      Syrian Orthodox churches, except seven and halr churches, the flow of
      the faithfuls towards the reformists side was tremendous. If it
      continued atleast for a quarter century or so, the name of the Syrian
      Orthodox Church in south kerala would have been an extincted specie.
      (Here pl. read it as the entire stronghold of the IOC).

      3. HH made Kochu-thirumeni in charge of the South Dioceases:

      This boomaranged as the most hardened blow to the Jacobite now.
      Parumala thirumeni after assuming charge of those southern dioceses,
      travelled extensively all over the places of worships under his
      control, and that action of Kochuthirumeni acted as a sudden break
      towards the flow of the faithfuls to the reformist's camp (the Marthoma
      church). Kochuthirumeni not only acted as a catalyst between the
      faithfuls and the Throne of St.Peter, he was a great social reformer
      also. Under Kochuthirumeni's leadership lot of educational institutions
      were started (now all these institutions are the money minting machines
      to the IOC).

      Not only the above actions of HH Peter-III, the successor to HH also was
      very lenient and considerate. HH love and affection towards the Malankara
      was exploited not only by Vattassery Thirumeni, the architect of the
      Malankara Church Split, all his successors were competing with his
      predessor's to think and act, so as to enable them to beat the True

      The current leadership of IOC do not know the Church History of the
      Jacobites, and hence they are acting so vigorously. They will not be able
      to succeed in detaching away the faithfuls from their root faith. The
      Coonan Cross, numerous dwelling places of our late Antiochan Fathers, the
      early church history are acting as good catalysts among the faithfuls.

      Hope my thoughts and observations would not hurt anybody, if it hurts I
      think, it will not be because of my putting the truth, but it would be
      because of their partial knowledge of history.

      With love and regards to all,
      CJ Varughese
      St. Mary's JSO church, Ahmedabad
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