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Farewell To The High Priest

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    The burial of the late Bishop Mor Osthathios Benyamin Joseph was held here at the Manjanikkara Dayaro amidst the tearful farewell given by the Jacobite
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 19, 2004
      The burial of the late Bishop Mor Osthathios Benyamin Joseph was held here at
      the Manjanikkara Dayaro amidst the tearful farewell given by the Jacobite
      faithful from all over Malankara.The Vehicle strike called on in the State
      didnt affect the burial service and the faithful devotees flocked from
      different parts of the state.The mortal remains of the late Bishop was brought
      to Manjanikkara from Kunnamkulam after paying respectful homages at important
      churches on the way from Kunnamkulam.The faithful at Kottayam and Thiruvalla
      got an oppurtunity to pay homages as the mortal remains were kept at
      Manarcaud, Kottayam Simhasana Church and Thiruvalla Simhasana church.The
      procession reached Manajanikkara yesterday night 8.30.The different offices of
      prayers were conducted at various places and the concluding prayers started
      here today at Manjanikkara after the holy Qurbono by HB Aboon Mor Baselius
      Thomas I ,Catholicose of the East. H.B Catholicose came back from US cutting
      short his visit over there to conduct the last ceremonial rites.

      Condolence messages from H.H Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka I, Patriarch of Antioch
      and all the East, were read at the ceremony by Mor Dionysius Geevarghese and
      Mor Gregorius Joseph. Holy Father in his message stated, the demise of Mor
      Osthathios is a great lose to the Universal Syriac Church

      The concluding prayers started at 9AM today in presence of a rich gathering of
      faithful who came to have a last look at their beloved Bishop who stood for the
      Jacobite Church till His last breath.After the last office of prayers,the
      concluding ceremony started with the reading from the Bible, Evengelion and
      Litany.The mortal remains which was seated in the chair with full ceremonial
      dress and the Sleebo and Crozier was taken to the Altar of St:Stephanos church,
      which is beside the Dayaro.The Bishops censed the mortal remains hailing "Poosh
      Baslomo' meaning Stay with Peace,for which the faithful responded 'Sel Baslomo'
      meaning Go with peace After this the mortal remains was waved cross- wise in
      the Altar to all four sides with the ringing of bells and marvahtho. After the
      waving at the altar, the procession was proceeded to the Dayaro Church after a
      round of pradakshinam around theDayaro.The mortal remains was carried to the
      altar of Dayaro church and the waving at the altar was repeated.After these
      conlcuding prayers,the mortal remains was laid down to the newly arranged tomb
      at the church beside the tomb of Late Lamented Mor Yulius Yakoob who was the
      predecessor of the late Bishop. It was almost 1.30PM when the ceremony ended.

      People from all walks of life gathered to pay respectful homage to the brave
      High Priest of the Malankara Jacobite Church.Apart from the Catholicose,
      Bishops Mor Dionysius Geevarghese,Mor Philoxenus Yohanon,Mor Athanasius
      Geevarghese,Mor Milithius Yohanon,Mor Themotheus Thomas,Mor Gregorius Joseph,
      Mor Polycarpos Geevarghese,Mor Dioscoros Kuriakose,Mor Severius Kuriakose etc
      were present to lead the cermony.

      Representatives of A.K.Antony ,the CM of Kerala and T.M.Jacob,Minister,Members
      of Parliament Mr.P.C.Thomas and Mr.Francis George,Mr.P.J.Joseph,ex-Minister,
      Comdr.T.U.Kuruvila etc. were present.

      The Bishops from other churches were also present like Joshua Mor Ignathiose,
      Philipose Mor Chrysostum and Joseph Mar Coorilose.

      Reported exclusively for SOCM-Forum by Jerrin Joseph, Adoor
      Prepared by Dr.Paul Samuel
      St:Peters Jacobite Syrian Church
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