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  • Joshy C Abraham
    ... From: servantoflord [mailto:servantoflord@indiatimes.com] Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2002 10:24 AM Subject: IDENTIFYING FALSE CHRISTIAN PROPHETS
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      Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2002 10:24 AM


       1) Every Christian should examine the origin of their church, faith , action and behaviour

           of those who speak word of God. What are their intention ?

      2) Are they powermaniacs, are they Christian terrorist, interested in becoming head of Church

         through false propaganda

      3) Are they leading an ascetic life, have they sacrificed any thing.

      4) In case if they have changed loyalty and has become a defector, have they taken wealth of his former

          organisation with him.

      5) Are they using or fighting for Titles

       On examination of above we find Syrian Orthodox Church so called Catholicose group have been doing every evil in the NAME of GOD for wealth, power & money.

       Why catholicose feels hatred towards his Guru HH.Patriarch because of jealousy and inferiority, guilt of sins,fear of Light.

       Judas Iscariot had same feeling towards Jesus Christ.

       If  Patriarch wanted to establish his power in India he could have done it before birth of Vattasseri.

       Jacobites and Catholicose should be partitioned into 2 different independent churches immediately


       Jesus did not forgive his betrayer Judas Iscariot.He even told Judas that it is better for the man who betrays son of man to die.

       Jesus seldom became angry, at the Jewish temple seeing businessmen and traders he whipped them and threw them out, because he did not want it to be a den of robbers.

      BIBLE strongly warns of False prophets, Jesus says " many will come in my name but beware of false prophets"

      Jacobites should oppose false prophet and his gang the Catholicose.

      Every christian has the duty to fight against SATAN and keep commandments of Jesus..

       Catholicose and his origin is full of crime and sins. Please examine yourself.

       John, the baptist criticized ruler of his time for sins he committed.

       He has violated all commandments, he is a false prophet, the devil incarcination.

       Vattaseri may be disciple of Mor. gregorios of Parumala , Judas was also disciple of Jesus.

       If  Vattasseri is made saint (canonised) then judas Iscariot has to be canonised.

       If  Dr.Abraham mor severios can say he works for Peace and he is supporting Catholicose,

      Judas Iscariot can say he betrayed Jesus for Peace.

       If Abraham mor Severios is such a big peace maker and christian , he should have renounced

      his bishop house built completely with money of  Jacobites.

       when Patriarch of Antioch visited India after excommunicating Vattasser, Vattaseri fell at Patriarch's feet and cried for forgiveness. Then Patriarch said " Now we pronounce you as Mor Vattasseri, ".Vattasseri thanked HH.Patriarch and then when Patriarch asked him to withdraw all cases, Vattasseri said John Vakkil has given legal petition and not him, he is helpless. Patriarch immediately cursed him " YOU VATTASSERI , You who are born in argument will DIE in ARGUMENT.".Later if you examine how Vattasseri died, Any man of Common sense can see that he fell from staircase of court while arguing against Holy Throne of Antioch and soon died.

       The Catholicose church is founded by those who have become rich by business suddenly without any fear of God.Manorama group being one.

       Vattasseri and Catholicose are not spiritual leaders they are social leaders, they dont know even to lead a christian life or true Jesus..

       Examine truth, Read Bible yourself & let truth save you and your family .


      Servant of Jesus Christ.


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