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  • V Thomas
    BlankDear All, In Malayalam there is a saying Puthanachi Purapuram Thukkum (New wife(daughter in law) will sweep even the roof . This is to prove,their
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 26, 2002
      Dear All,
      In Malayalam there  is a saying"" Puthanachi Purapuram Thukkum"'
      (New wife(daughter in law) will sweep even  the roof"'.
      This is to prove,their sincereity ,to the new bosses.
      The new recruits will work harder.
      Hence I do not find fault with the recent ones
      who crossed over to the other side.
      They do not undestand what for we stood.If you say Patriarch,they will
      reply 'Patriarch who'?We knowonly saint from Vattaseril.
      They have to attack us more,hurt us more
      and prove they are good. They have to tred on brothers blood
      Only I pray,Father please pardon them,as they do not
      know what they do.( But they should remember they will not sit with daughters
      of the house,what ever,they do.)
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