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Fwd: My Humble Feelings and Random Thoughts

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  • daniel_reji
    Dear Members This posting appeared in the IOC forum of Yahoo Groups. What Col. Mathai is stated is a very good and positive thinking. I invited him to join in
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 26, 2002
      Dear Members
      This posting appeared in the IOC forum of Yahoo Groups. What Col.
      Mathai is stated is a very good and positive thinking. I invited him
      to join in this forum. Hope he may join with us.
      Let his dream comes true.

      I am writing this from one of the very cold & remotest
      stations of Northern India from a military camp (Due to
      obvious reasons I can not reveal the place).

      I happened to become a member of this forum recently.
      Thanks to our current Defence Minister, I am able to
      access Internet from such a remote place of India.

      Presently we (People serving in the Services) are
      undergoing a very tough time, as you all are aware due
      to the border tensions.

      Whoever has conceived this wonderful idea of IOIF, let
      us congratulate, encourage and pray for them.

      Let me share some of my feelings after going through
      the 2000 odd messages posted (random) in this forum in
      a span of one year or so. By all means it is a
      treasure, especially for people like us who are unable
      to participate in a Sunday service or any other Church
      activities due to our location, work requirements etc.
      I spent almost one week exclusively on internet
      whenever I get time to scan through them (somehow I
      could manage time, because of a typical assignment).
      Tomorrow I will be out in the field and I really do
      not know whether I will get an oppertunity to access
      this site again in the near future. Any way let us
      leave those issues to God, the life of "PATTALAKKAR"
      is always like that.

      Let me share the following "crude" thoughts which has
      come to my mind after going through some of the recent
      messages related to "PEACE/UNITY" in our church.

      Although in general everybody prescribed "Prayer" as
      the medicine, I really doubt. Without doing what we
      are supposed to do, who is going to listen to such
      half hearted prayers. God will definitely listen to our
      prayers, if we are sincere and we do what we are
      supposed to do on our part and leaving the balance to
      God. Are we really sincere (I do not mean the laity
      who can not do much on these issues, but our spiritual
      leaders in these aspects.)
      Let me illustrate an example. Following is a news item
      regarding the consecration of Noida (Delhi) church
      published in this forum recently.

      "During the meeting all the Parish Priests of Orthodox
      Churches in and around Delhi along with the Parishoners
      were present. In addition the members of St. Mary's
      Catholic Church (NOIDA), Marthoma Church (NOIDA), CNI
      Church, Methodist Church, NOIDA Christian Welfare
      Association, NOIDA Ayyappa Sewa Samiti, NOIDA Guru
      Dharma Pracharana Sabha (SNDP). NOIDA Malayalee
      Welfare Association were also present."

      All were there including SNDP Yogam and Ayyappa Sewa
      Samiti, but I presume we have forgotten (intentionally
      ?) to invite our own "so called" brothers, the
      Patriarchese Church people for obvious reasons. This
      is the real problem which is not only in Noida but
      everywhere else. We will co-operate with Marthoma, CSI,
      Catholic etc but never with our brothers from the
      other faction. We the general public has no difficulty
      to embrace each other(which is happening otherwise
      also), but our Achans, Bishops etc will never agree. I
      can understand, in Kerala it may be difficult due to
      the pulls and pressures there, but once we come out of
      Kerala why we continue to propagate this hatred in the
      name of Faith and God?? Whom we are afraid and whom we
      are trying to please?

      Recently when I asked one of my friends who is the
      Secretary of an important Parish in the Gulf area
      about such a co-operation in the congregation level,
      his answer was, "Our Achan will never agree and he
      will get angry on me, if I take such an initiative".
      If we ask the Achan, he may say Thirumeni will not
      agree and so on.

      My dear respected Achans and Thirumenis who are living
      outside Kerala (whether it is Madras, Bangalore,
      Bombay, Calcutta, Bhilai,Dubai, Doha, Muscut, Kuwait,
      New York, Houston, Canada or London or any where)if you
      all really mean what you preach, please take the lead
      to remove this artificial hatred, by arranging
      combined prayer meetings for peace and unity with the
      other faction in places whereever you are. Then Holy
      Spirit will work on this church and peace will come
      automatically. Otherwise our prayers and lent will be
      like crocodile tears. Once this message spreads,
      automatically there will be pressure on both the
      leaderships in Kerala to find ways and means to unite.
      No Supreme court or Malankara Association can bring
      peace, but more damage.

      Many have already started talking about formal
      division of the church as a forgone conclusion. The
      by-product of such a division will be 1064 (?) new
      court cases dealing with each parish to fight for may
      be another 100 years!!

      Let me also pen my views on this. We believe, Church
      is the "Body of Christ". To my mind after the split
      with Marthoma Church, already our Church lost one
      limb, but life is still there. With another split, one
      faction will take the "Head" and the other will take
      the balance part of the Body. The net result is our
      Church will lose "Life" for ever. Who wants to be in
      such a church??

      If the leadership of both the factions want to
      practice what they preach, the only solution is all
      our Thirumenis of both the factions (people who wear
      red robes have much more responsibility to lead us
      spiritually and we laity has lot of expectations from
      them) should meet in Parumala followed by Manjinikkara
      for three days each for a fasting prayer during this
      lenten period before the Association Meeting scheduled
      for 20/03/02. The whole Malankara faithfuls whereever
      they live will join this mass fasting prayer. Then
      Holy Spirit will work for peace in this Great Church.
      I am 100% sure, if Parumala Thirumeni or Pampady
      Thirumeni were alive, they would have done exactly
      Let us remember the blunter our then national leaders
      have commited when they agreed for the partition of
      our beloved country. They agreed to it because they
      were made to believe by the then Viceroy, Lord
      Mountbatten, that it was the best solution for the
      Hindu-Muslim dispute. In fact, it turned out to be the
      worst. In the wake of the carnage that followed, one
      million Hindus and Muslims died and 15 million were
      mercilessly uprooted.
      Later Sardar Patel regretted and expressed his
      feelings as follows:
      "You cannot divide the sea or the waters of the
      river. No one could destroy the reality that we are one
      and indivisible".

      This is an eye opener to us and exactly true in the
      context of our Church, "you cannot divide the sea or
      the waters of the river".

      I again take this opportunity to thank the organisers
      of this forum, for giving me an opportunity to express
      my humble (but truely sincere) views so
      openly (provided this is published). Pardon me, if I
      have hurt anybody's feelings through this message, I
      have no such intention.
      I from my part used to go to Parumala, Manjinikkara
      and Pampady whenever I go to Kerala, and I am 100%
      convinced that through the intercessory prayers of
      those Holy Fathers of our great church, myself and my
      family are immencely blessed.

      Prayers and Love,

      Col. A Mathew
      --- End forwarded message ---
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