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          This is in response to the suggestion to post a message for the Holy Week. I give below a resume of my sermon and retreat this morning at St. Peter's, Trvm. As I had no special notes I am typing from memory when the memory is still fresh; I led the retreat 10 am to 12 noon and now it is 6 pm only!
          The Syriac fathers, inspired by God, have made a beautiful garland of reading for the Lent, which prepares us for the Easter. We begin with KOTHNE.The lessons are:if we remeber to invite Jesus to share our joy He would be around to help in times of adversity which may appear unexpectedly, intercession of Mary activates the power and grace of Jesus, Mary's command is DO WHATEVER MY SON ASKS YOU TO DO, fill the jars to the BRIM without leaving some space for our pouring something of our own, and once the wine is ready serve it to ALL(mission). The fathers remind us that the Lent is for our conversion from ordinary water to heady wine. The next five sundays speak about healing. Here we see a hierachy of sinfulness, symbolised by the types of cures highlighted by church fathers for the Lent period readings. The same hierarchy is summarised in the Evangelion for the SAMIYO sunday.On Garbo the Leper.He is aware of his illness, he knows Jesus can cure him and once he realised this he overcomes all social inhibitions and rushes to Jesus. Jesus who could heal people even without seeing touches the leper, the untouchable. One of the greatest Christian virtues is to learn how not to hurt another person's selfrespect. I have seen Achans and Thirumenis openly scolding deacons and Kappiars for minor ritual-errors, which could have been quietly corrected without ridiculing them in public. In offices and homes, wherever we are, there could be similar situations.Next is M'sario. The sunday of the paralytic.Admire the tenacity of the four. And Jesus cures by forgiving. When he proves the pardon he asks the man to take his bed and walk. What we use for support in this world may not all be wrong or bad by itself. When you are paralysed you need the bed, but your use of the same bed when you are up and walking is different; you MAY not have to throw away the beds in all cases. The bed is valueneutral here, as gold is. Read EX. 32 and 34; the same metal irritates God and later praises Him. Jews had divinely ordained men AND specially chosen prophets who had healing powers. So first the leper; Jesus as a powerful and divinely ordained man. Then the paralytic carried by men; jesus the prophet with healing charism. Then the syrophoenician woman and her daughter located far away physically. Salvation extends beyond Israel.The dog is the petdog, not the stray one on the street. In agricultural rural families it was customary to give the first URULA of rice to the dog before the master of the house had his meal. Now the urbanised feed their petdogs off, if not on, the dining table.But here again the crucial facts are the same: awareness of the need for Jesus, and willingness of Jesus to respond.  The crucial word which connects to hierarchy of recognition seen in Samiyo sunday's evangelion is SENT. I am not sent except to the lost ones of israel. One sent by God. The blind one says 1. a man 2. a prophet and 3. one sent by God. Then k'pipto.The woman with the hunched back.She is like us. Regular at church, correct in all rituals, but burdened by sin which makes us unable to see God present in church. Yet He calls out. He takes the initiative. Here in answer to the protests of the Jewish leaders jesus speaks about the master of domestic animals.The blind man calls Jesus MASTER. The prefinal stage of recognition. And then Samiyo. Blind from birth. Here there is not even a request for cure. Q & A brings in the divine element and Jesus proves that He IS God by correcting a situation created for revealing the glory of God. Imagine the astonishment of that man: Oh I see, so this is how man looks, this is how I look, this is how a building looks, this is light, this is a bird, all excitement.Then he recognises jesus. MASTER. YAJAMANANE. And with this recognition we move to Palm Sunday. Hosana , welcome O Son of David. Our hosana gets meaning only when we reach the top of the ladder of recognition and recognise Him as Master, as THE Master. The Master who will not share a donkey. aarum oru naalum kayariyittillatha kazhutha is what He expects us to be if He is to ride us.
          And having seen this beautiful beads of pearl let us bow our heads and meditate. I choose the first ten mysteries of the rosary. The annunciation. the jouney to Elizabeth's.the Christmas event. Mayalto. The visit to Jerusalem when He was 12. The sweatof blood. The beatings. The crown of thorns. The way of the Cross. the crucifixion. Mary, John and we at the foot of the Cross. look up to Him. here comes the blood, drop by drop, to cleanse, to purify, to portect, to save. The salvific blood drips over my cheeks. What sense of oneness with my Jesus.
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