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An attached article for children writing exams

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  • Philip Oommen
    God makes his face shine upon HIS BELOVED CHILDREN Dear Parents and Children (especially those who appear for final exams) The Lord bless you and keep you ,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 29, 2004
      God makes his face shine upon HIS BELOVED CHILDREN

      Dear Parents and Children (especially those who appear
      for final exams)

      "The Lord bless you and keep you , the Lord make his
      face shine upon you and be gracious to you, the Lord
      turn His face toward you and give you peace"
      (Numbers 6:24-27).

      "Jesus took the children in His hands, put His hands
      on them and blessed them" (Mark 10:16). God loves
      children and HE wants to bless them always. Daily we
      have to bring them to Jesus for receiving blessing.

      This article is issued to encourage parents and
      children to trust in the faithfulness of Lord for
      His beloved children. Remember children belong to
      Jesus/church. Jesus has great plans and purposes
      of your children. Main duty of parents is to train
      the child in the way of God. Spiritual growth of
      your children is the most important thing of all.
      Other things are fine in their places, but seek
      first to be a good Christian. Bring up the children
      to know God. God wants children to be strong, mature,
      dedicated Christians and good law abiding citizens.

      Since God has promised to bless you, never curse
      yourself under any circumstance. Children shall never
      say �if I don�t get ran I will die myself�. Parents
      shall never say �if my child doesn�t get rank I will
      kill him/her�. Also don�t listen to Satan�s whisper
      (horoscope and astrology).

      Control tongues from evil talks. Children might have
      received a curse from the previous 4th generation
      (total of 16 people both parents). Or the children
      might have cursed parents or grant parents. This is an
      invisible obstacle for the blessing of children,
      according to Bible. Parents and children should repent,
      and ask God with tears for delivering them from the
      power of curses, if any.

      When children write exams, parents and church need pray
      earnestly so that children will receive the right answers
      from God. Otherwise Satan could distract the child in
      the exam hall and he / she will not write the correct
      answers. (eg. Exam fever is a distraction many children
      experience during exam period).

      Suggestions for �time management� during examination days

      (1) Before starting study, read Bible and pray together
      (family prayer).
      (2) Continually ask God for knowledge and judgment
      (Ps 119: 66)
      (3) Take awareness of how long daily routines take
      (4) Be decisive
      (5) Keep asking "what is the best use of my time now".
      (6) Don�t spend too much time for watching TV or reading
      news papers.
      (7) A protein � rich breakfast will energize brain. A
      large carbohydrate rich lunch will put you to sleep.
      (8) Take a short break after studying 1 hour.
      (9) When you receive question papers in the exam hall,
      pray for 1-2 minutes to get guidance from God
      (10) At the end of exams thank God for the help received
      during exam.

      May God bless the children with good grades in the
      final exams.

      Philip Oommen, TVPM
      M/o St.Kuriakose Orthodox Church
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