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Devotional thoughts for Sunday 29th Feb 04 (Lepers Sunday of Great Lent)

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  • Jose Kurian Puliyeril
    Reading: Gospel according to St. Luke: 5: 12-16 Dear and respected Brethren, We are coming across the second miracle of the series, which we remember during
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2004
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      Reading: Gospel according to St. Luke: 5: 12-16

      Dear and respected Brethren,

      We are coming across the second miracle of the series,
      which we remember during the great Lent. The first
      verse of today�s reading is a confession of the faith
      uttered by the leper. He said �Lord if you will, you
      could make me clean�. Whenever we heard this portion
      or have listened those lines from the priest, we might
      have understood it only as a wish and longing of the
      patient. But it seems that he was sure of the faith
      believed and practiced by his forefathers. In various
      parts of the Holy Bible, it is said that nothing is
      impossible to God. (Please read: Genesis 18:14,
      Jeremiah 32: 17, St. Matthew 8: 8, St. Mark 1: 40-41,
      Hebrews 7.25) It is to be doubted whether the leper
      was sure about two things. 1) About the gift of Lord
      God to do any thing at any time.

      2) He was sure that Lord Jesus was the Christ, for
      whom all faithful were in expectation. In St. Luke
      4: 40-41 we come across with the people who were
      sick and with divers diseases, whom our Lord had
      cured. St. Luke clearly has stated there that they
      were sure that our Lord was Christ the Son of God.
      We all have lived so far as Christians and we are
      claiming that we are part and parcel of the body of
      Christ our Lord. Still often we are weak and
      underdeveloped in the matter of our faith. Readers
      must judge themselves how far this statement is true.

      I am not trying to explain the social conditions
      prevailed in those days regarding the lepers and how
      the society had dealt with the lepers, as it is well
      known to one and all. Still our Lord did not stop
      the leper who approached him for timely help. Our
      Lord touched him and cured him. This is the kind
      and ardent love of Lord Jesus. Though our Lord is
      above all rules of the Church and the world, He
      insisted to follow the rules of the society. He
      never taught to ignore the rules of the Church
      or society. Referring to Leviticus 13:1, and 14:4,
      our Lord asked the man, whom He cured from leprosy,
      to offer for his cleaning according to the commands
      of Moses, for a testimony unto them. (Verse 14)

      It clearly shows that our Lord intended to retain
      the sacraments in the Church like the Holy confession
      etc. Otherwise He could have told the man to go home.
      There are many faithful, even among the members of
      the Holy church, who question the systematic worship,
      sacraments and traditions. At least is a few ask:
      �why we can�t have forgiveness for our sins directly
      from God. Why we should go to the priest to confess
      our sins� It will be good, if all will see that the
      sacraments as well as the traditions are manmade,
      where as they are continuation of the deeds of Lord
      Jesus, the savior of entire mankind.

      May God bless us all.

      Jose Kurian Puliyeril
      St. George Orthodox Church
      Abu Dhabi
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