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St. Peter's Cathedral at New Delhi

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  • Jacob V Joshua
    Re: First Cathedral outside Kerala for the Jacobites It seems that Mr. Binoy of Arakkunnam/Banglore has been misunderstood while claiming that the St. Mary s
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 18, 2004
      Re: 'First Cathedral outside Kerala for the Jacobites'

      It seems that Mr. Binoy of Arakkunnam/Banglore has been
      misunderstood while claiming that the St. Mary's Church,
      Banglore is the first Cathedral outside Kerala for the
      Jacobites (Ref. SOCM Digest No.800 dt.29.1.04). He may
      be correct except the name of the Diocese. St. Mary's
      Church, Banglore was initially established for the
      Jacobite Syrian Christians of Malankara under the Holy
      See of Antioch & All the East in 1976. Later, in 2002
      the "Establishment Purpose" of the Parish was amended
      to join the newly created Syrian Orthodox Archdiocese
      of Greater India registered in Banglore on 22.9.1999.
      So, it is the first Cathedral for the Greater India

      The New Delhi Parish was established in 1976 by the
      name St.Gregorios. His Holiness the Patriarch of
      Antioch & All the East declared it as a Cathedral
      on 12.11.1980. The name was changed on 27.3.1983 as
      St. Peter's. His Holiness Moron Mor Ignatius Zakka I
      Iwas, the Patriarch on 28.5.90 vide Bull No.E304/90
      declared, "This Cathedral had earned the unique
      privilege of having its foundation slab taken from
      the soil of Damascus, the city of St. Paul's vision
      and blessed and sanctified by the successor of
      St. Peter, linking the Cathedral indelibly with the
      sacred names of the foremost Apostles. We are now
      pleased therefore to grant the St. Peter's Cathedral
      in New Delhi a position of honor in the Syrian
      Orthodox Church by designating it the "Eastern Cathedral
      of the Patriarch of Antioch". This designation will
      establish a special relationship between India and
      the Patriarchate and will make it second only to the
      Patriarchal Cathedral in Damascus. We wish to add that
      this nomenclature and honor bestowed on the Delhi
      Parish will not in any way affect the administrative
      and legal arrangements and the authority of His
      Beatitude the Catholicose, the Holy local Synod of
      India and His Grace Mor Theophilos Thomas, the Diocesan
      Metropolitan, which shall all continue as on this
      date without any change". His Holiness has further
      declared it (E176/96 dt.11.5.96) as International
      Patriarchal Centre which will act as a focal point
      of consultation, collaboration and co-ordination of
      the activities of the Syrian Orthodox Church in all
      parts of the world. It also remains as a "Common Asset"
      of the Jacobite Syrian Church as declared by the late
      lamented His Beatitude Aboon Mor Baselios Paulose II,
      the Catholicos of the East.

      Yours in Christ,
      Jacob V Joshua
      Ex-Secretary, St. Peter's Cathedral, New Delhi
      Office Secretary - Malankara Sabha Case 1995
      Supreme Court of India
      Founder Secretary: St. Gregorios J.S.O. Youth Assn.,
      Delhi & Bahyakerala Diocesan Youth Assn.

      Home Parish: Mor Ignathiose Jacobite Syrian Church,
      Vazhamuttom East.
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