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Re: Establishing church by our Lord

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  • Philip Oommen
    Dear Moderators/Paul Reji, Dallas Appreciate your good article. You are 100% correct. No one should chalenge any apostles s teaching It was Peter who said we
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 11, 2004
      Dear Moderators/Paul Reji, Dallas

      Appreciate your good article. You are 100% correct.
      No one should chalenge any apostles's teaching It
      was Peter who said we did not invent any thing
      (.2Pet 1:16)....

      That means his followers also should not invent
      any stoires which go against his teaching. We
      should eliminate invented stories from 5th century
      till today.

      It was Peter who said you must make sure about
      your calling & election in this life( 2Pet 1:10) not
      after death.

      We have to follow Jesus in spirit and word always to
      get a warm welcome in Heaven after death (2 Pet 1:11)

      It was Peter who said " Every Christian is a royal
      priest,......called out from darkness into His
      wonderful light."(1Pet.2:10)

      It was Peter who said beauty is not in wearing
      god and dress, but in modesty" ...(1Pet 3:3).

      It was Peter who said " Cast all your cares upon
      Jesus, for He cares for you" (1Pet 5:7)

      But what did church ((ROC, IOC,SOC) teach for
      many years. They led 1000's of people to worship
      angels,and departed souls/saints in order to
      solve problems. They did not teach people to trust
      in Jesus to solve problems It is the duty of spirit
      led people like Reji to teach others to follow only
      Peter's and other apostles' teaching according to
      Bible. Many people taught wrong things in the name
      of Peter when people didnot have Holy Bible in their

      Also let me tell you one more thing. Study Rev. Ch 1
      thru Ch 3. Church should listen to Holy Spirit's
      teaching . This is Jesus's command given to Chruch
      in AD 90's. through St.John Once again thanks for
      your article Sincerely

      St.Kuriakose Orthodox Church
      From the desk of the Moderators:

      We think it is in a way good to post this
      message, even though it is against the teachings of the
      church and far from the biblical truths, so that our readers
      can prepare as they are frequently confronting these
      arguments everywhere.

      With full respect to the author and his freedom of expression,
      we would like to add following comments:

      The author is using Mr. Reji's article to stress his
      previous point on the Church after the 5th century. He is
      disillusioned that apostolic churches added many faith
      articles to the apostolic church and the bible. He is not
      willing to accept the fact that the fundamental doctrinal
      explanation of the church was done by these fathers and
      they were instrumental in defining the inspired books of
      the bible.

      The scholars and members of this forum have explained
      several times through this forum that we (Syrian Orthodox
      Church) WORHIP only GOD and we honor and respect the saints,
      and it is as per the Gospel command "He who receives a prophet
      in the name of a prophet... shall receive the reward of a
      prophet and he who receives a righteous man ...reward".
      Matthew 10:41.

      This is never putting saints in the status of God. We request
      the author to try to understand first what the church teaches!

      Also, the author should know that Revelations is an
      apocryphal as far as SOC is concerned.
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