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Re: "Holly Qurbana is boring "!!!

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  • Alex Jojo Joseph
    Dear Mr.Paul Reji, Just my thoughts on this subject.May not be that comprehensive or authoritative but may help you in making your conclusions as it comes from
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 10, 2004
      Dear Mr.Paul Reji,

      Just my thoughts on this subject.May not be that
      comprehensive or authoritative but may help you
      in making your conclusions as it comes from
      someone in the younger generation.

      1) Lengthy service/qurbana actually adds to the
      beauty of our worship.If you ask me,which day
      you feel more involved and concentrated in the
      worship,my answer will be and is 'good friday'.I
      always felt that our service and its timings are
      unique and it has its valuable justifications
      and reasonings.Even RCC scholars accept that
      the reason why they are losing people left and
      right and why orthodox church is growing is
      beacuse they made compromises in this aspect.
      Think about our matrimonial service.I have many
      of my collegemates (non-christians) who love to
      attend our matrimonial service simply because of
      the beauty of it..may be because it is musical
      also..but think abt the protestant way,i never
      liked it.rather,i prefer the hindu way...so
      basically,it is about involvement and it lies
      with the individual.

      2) Use of syriac words...its is easy to just
      ignore it.but think of the meanings and the
      context of where they are used...We all like to
      hear "Mariyam Deelethok" as soon as the veil is
      moved."Kuriayelaayisson/Kyreyelaison" has its
      own significance when we recite it..i have heard
      one chemmachen from Kottayam (he is in chennai now)
      reciting kuriyelaison for good friday..he could
      pass on the involvement to each one inside the
      church from that simple word...rather,if we could
      avoid syriac now for convenience,lot of malayalees
      prefer to be 'mallus' or 'mala...yaaali' these days
      who prefer to comment 'malayalam kurachu kurachu
      ariyum' and in few years they will question the need
      of having malayalam in our prayers!!!!not saying that
      is a problem,but there will be no end for it...and
      no significance for the works of our anscestors..(cite
      pampakkuda namaskaram)

      3)reciting lords prayer only once..we can expect more
      questions like why we have more diptychs?why not only
      one?and to the extend of why so many times we say

      4)That 'effect' from a protestant pastor is not there
      in our church..If people prefer that glorified version
      of charismatism,then sorry,our qurbana cant provide
      the same...But we also have answers for the same.Go
      for prayer meetings by St.Paul's mission..Or go to
      Potta or listen to Naikkaparambil achen.And I wont
      like to see our worship to be altered to satisfy this
      section of people.I come from Thiruvalla, a place
      where you can see all varieties of protestant churches.
      And to be correct,their majority of members are females..
      (sad to say..but a big truth).Their strength consists
      of those house wives who have no other work after their
      children goes to school, aged parents who spent their
      time waiting for a phone call from their children who
      are abroad and those people who were ignored by our
      church when they were in need.(The last part needs
      clarification...when some our our members are in
      hospitals our church people and priests never had the
      time to go to them..either we were busy..or we were
      held up by kottayam people to be near our church so
      that they wont close it down)..and all those pastors
      had the time to visit and console them...As a church,
      we can definitely work for the third section.But others
      who went in search of immediate and true salvation,i
      dont care.let them go.nothing will happen to our church.
      those who wanted to go,either to protestants (including
      marthomites) or those who wanted to flock with kottayam
      group has already left(say whatever reason they suggest).
      let them believe in themselves and grow or whatever.those
      who remained here stayed for a cause and reason and they
      will never feel the need to change all traditions on one
      fine morning.

      5)our priests not addressing social issues..i am not
      eligible to comment on this.but i too found it little
      'for the sake of it' when some of our priests talk on
      those sundays with "rich man going to heaven"/"camel
      passing through" and all.to be frank,only once i felt
      this topic interesting when one achen discussed about
      the need of the camel to bend down to pass through that
      gate of the church of jerusalem.IOC definitely scores
      over us in this case as all of their priests speak upon
      what their seminary needs their people to know.I always
      felt that sermon from our senior priests and younger
      priests are more interesting than of mid-aged priests..
      but they represent a period where we were no where.We
      can definitely improve and we are really improving.We
      can learn much from RCC in this aspect (i think so)

      6)not understanding what all rituals means...i have
      heard sunday school teachers in bangalore speaking
      to our achen regarding their children's concern over
      lenghty and hard-to-understand procedure of good
      friday service.cant blame the sunday school alone
      since these questions are never heard in kerala.
      maybe the people like us,who grew there, are not
      that open to thoughts and lack the questioning
      attitude and aspiration to know.but in my sincere
      belief,it is definitely the responsibilty of the
      parents/grand parents to make this point clear.
      i got my questions(may not be this exhaustive)
      clarified from my grandparents and parents only.

      7) Marriage- when this come, people will forget
      faith.... Cite Mr.Abin's mail on this regard.Why
      cant we have our choice in this aspect?Similiar
      family background,same faith etc?Atleast not with
      people who definitely counter our beliefs? Again,
      left to individuals and families.

      To conclude..start learning from your grand parents
      and parents..hear from achen and never think that
      achen is a salaried professional of our church..find
      the reasonings for everything when you start to think
      for yourself and if convinced,try to safe guard it..
      atleast try not to be depressed,deceived,dejected
      and demolished by seeing the other ways around you..
      no one is holding you back here which is more important
      than your ancestor's true faith and their traditions...
      and we,the modern man can be as rational as it can be
      and just comment "all this is really boring".

      Alex Jojo Joseph
      St. George JSO Chapel, Kavumbhagom, Thiruvalla
      St. Mary's JSO Cathedral, Queen's Road, Bangalore.
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