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Why I am in the church / Why I am an Orthodox Christian ?

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  • Dr.GeorgeK John
    It is surprising some times to hear the arguments against the true orthodox Christianity. It is a fact that during the course of time several denominations
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2004
      It is surprising some times to hear the arguments
      against the true orthodox Christianity. It is a
      fact that during the course of time several
      denominations were broken away from the true
      Orthodox Church. Even the true name ‘orthodox’ was
      changed and added with a new expression ‘universal’.
      Several learned scholars have left the church and
      formed several scholastic groups against Orthodox
      Church. Many faithful have left the church because
      of their personal reasons. And the true church has
      reduced to a small group today in the eyes of the
      common man.

      We hear every day regarding exodus from Orthodox
      Church to non-Episcopal or Catholic Church by the
      true followers of the church. Even the anointed
      personnel have left the church. When all such
      prudent movements are taking place associated with
      miracles in the name of Our Lord a big question
      rises in front of me ‘why you fool still remains
      as an orthodox Christian’. A simple answer appears
      in front of me that I am ignorant of the
      ‘science of God’ invented by man with his
      intelligence. I was taught only the teaching of
      Jesus, the God in its true meaning without further

      It was the Will of Jesus that I came to this world.
      He added me to His Church by holy baptism and marked
      on my head the holy sign of cross in the name of
      father, son and holy spirit the true one God. I
      believe that once I am taken into His Church – the
      incarnated body of Jesus the God why should I doubt
      the will of God.

      I see several denominations. All of them preach
      about Jesus who gave the commandment to the world
      to Love God and Love man. When we love God and His
      creation how can we support the fight among His

      After a long time of living in this church I turned
      back to see my companions in the church. Some of
      them who were singing halleluiah with me have gone
      to the front side and occupied the seats in front
      of His Holy Throne. Some of them have reached to
      the top administrative positions in the church.
      Several of them became the policy makers of the
      Church. The Church, because of their huge
      contributions and high positions in the society
      has respected a number of them. But all of them
      are engaged in groups of the church. But I am the
      man who received ‘one talent’ remain at the same
      position in the church who struggles with the mob
      to reach to ‘kiss’ the sleeba to receive the
      blessing. But I have no conflict in my mind about
      my faith in the church. For me there is only one
      Holy Orthodox Church into which I was baptized.
      If I am leaving this church the actual reasons
      could be

      a) I am denied a pivotal position in the church
      b) I was not honored in the church for my contributions
      c) I could not see the supremacy of some one which
      I disliked d) I am promised a high post in the church.

      There could be several reasons. But at the end all
      those arguments could be seen as the brainwork of
      ‘Lord of this world’.

      Therefore, there was a dispute in my mind whether I
      should accept the argument of Satan or yield to the
      will of Jesus the God. Finally I knelt in front of
      my Lord and assured thousand times that I should
      save my association with my church to which I was
      joined immediately after birth before Satan could
      not influenza my mind. I will continue my prayer
      for the victory of Love against hatred ness.

      ‘The wise intellectuals of Christian world will
      continue their shouting against my Church, the sons
      of this world will laugh at us but the caravan of
      foolish faith full will finish their travel in my
      Church to receive His promise of salvation’

      Pardon me if my words have hurt the feelings of any
      one. I know only to pray.

      With humble prayers,

      Dr.George Kunju John. P
      St.Peter& St.Paul Jacobite Syrian Church, Pengamuck,
      St George Orthodox Syrian Church, Kalamassery,
      St Thomas Orthodox Church, Dubai.
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