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Re: Truth about IOC and our church [Dn. George]

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  • Boney Kuriakose
    Questions to Dn. George Mathew. You say that since St. Thomas was the one to introduce Christianity into India, then he must have appointed priests. If so,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2004
      Questions to Dn. George Mathew.

      You say that since St. Thomas was the one to introduce
      Christianity into India, then he must have appointed
      priests. If so, then where is the evidence? You have
      said that St. Thomas established FAITH. That means he
      did not establish any organised church.

      Even if he had established a church, what happened to it?

      Unless something really bad had happened, there was no
      point in the Antioch Church getting its root in Malankara!!
      Again the reference is to 7 churches, but nothing about
      an organisation.

      The organisation occured only after Syrian fathers helped??
      Why did Malankara Christian accept it if it was that bad??

      You further mention that relationship with Antioch led to
      the church in Malankara losing its authenticity. If so what
      was Authentic in Malankara church that was lost. And from
      that time till today, when suddenly you realised St. Thomas
      established a throne here and that is the authentic
      malankara church.......

      Why no one refered to the throne, until Catholicose Ougen
      suddenly started using the term??

      If it was just a loan from the syrian fathers, why do you
      still cling on to the liturgy, rituals, the structure of
      the church and even the dress as the syrian fathers gave.
      You are supposed to give back the documents after the loan
      has been repayed!!!

      You should have build temples for christ and do Aarti as
      some of the later churches in North India do!!

      Peace is possible, but not when people in Kadamattom and
      Kolenchery and many other churches and kept it for years
      and prayed and where their anscestors are buried are taken
      away forcefully or they are driven away from it.

      Sounds like the after repaying the loan, the debtor goes a
      step ahead and claims the house and property of the person
      who gave him loan!!

      The Antioch fathers gave us a lot more that what Dn. George
      Mathew thinks. They gave their life or else go and stand in
      front of Parumala Thirumeni or Eldo Mar Baselious Bava and
      you will defenitely get that feeling. That for the Malankara
      Christians to have those fathers and those churches and all
      the blessings all the people get from them was possible
      because there was a link with syria. Its not merely a story
      of a loan. If it is then the loan is huge that Malankara will
      never be able to repay it. That Malankara christians would not
      have been there to fight for church property or they would have
      all been forcefully made to convert to Catholics. That would
      mean that a certain Dn. George Mathew would not be sitting in
      USA and making his assumptions about church history, nor would
      have been there Boney Kuriakose to sit in Chennai and defend
      his relationship of Blood, Sweat and Tears to the Throne of
      St. Peter at Antioch.

      Boney Kuriakose
      St. Ignatius Jacobite Syrian Church
      Ponnurinni, Vyttila

      Boney Kuriakose
      Senior Research Fellow,
      Prof.SS Gnanamanickam's Lab
      Centre For Advance Studies in Botany
      University of Madras, Guindy Campus
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