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Re: Truth about IOC and our church ][Thomas& Dn]

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  • Paul Reji
    Dear Thomas Abraham I have no Hatred to them. I LOVE THEM. No Kidding. But if you really think, Church is very important. In a way, church is the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 29, 2004
      Dear Thomas Abraham

      I have no Hatred to them. I LOVE THEM. No Kidding.
      But if you really think, Church is very important.
      In a way, church is the continuation of incarnation. So it is
      not good to play with the church. Hudaya Canon is written
      1000 to 2000 years back. But I am not so sure to think that
      it may NOT be very relevant today.

      You might have read lots of news these days, regarding
      the consecration of a Gay bishop. Their argument was that
      God hated homosexual 3000 years back. 'Jesus Christ did not
      say anything against it. So he is not against it. Either way
      God's that commandments are not relevant in today's lifestyle.
      Besides Jesus have purchased us of all our sins. So if we
      believe in Him and love him, we can do any thing.'. Based on
      your argument, who can blame them?

      So am not so sure what IOC does is ok. But I will not condemn them.
      If any one has that feeling, it is just coincidence. Sorry.

      It is hard for me to believe that, God may dislike a person
      who prays to him daily? Very hard indeed. But the incidence
      that I quoted from the OT, just proves that it could happen.
      It proves that Obedience to God is supreme.

      I pray for all IOC members. I don’t want any of them to
      loose the salvation. But who can predict, what will
      our Lord says, when he returns.

      Last time Lord was with us, He gave himself to us. Was very loving.
      Was considerate. Very different from the God we see in the OT.
      Probably the only commonality is LOVE for humans. BOTH being ONE

      So in His second coming, who He will resemble??? I don't know.
      (But my feeling is that it will be like OT. Because he comes
      in His GREAT GLORY to judge. Not to save. Salvation time is now).
      But it will be safer to be on the NON-PROTESTANT SIDE, whether
      to be PROTEST against the church or its synods or Holly Spirit.

      Dn. George

      You have repeated what you have been writing before
      and so many people replied. so I am not saying any thing.
      If you know Malayalam, read
      1) "what shall I do to be saved "
      2 Hudaya Canon
      3) Syrian Church by HH Yacob III
      4) Syrian church history - by Kaniamparmbil achan( English)

      I also believe that St.Thomas came to Kerala ( though there is
      no evidence for it). He is the patron apostle. But he never
      established a See. If he did, the Kerala church will have
      its own prayer, Litergy, customs, priest dress, a place for See.
      And some history. If a place like Antioch, where it was hostile
      can preserve history, why not in Kerala, where it was very
      peaceful. Just think about it. Repeating a lie 1000 times will
      not make it a truth.

      For that I am not even trying to convert you. Because my salvation
      do not depend on it. It depends on if I am in true church
      and if lived a Christian life.

      With prayers

      Paul Reji
      St. Ignatious Church
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