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Re: Truth about IOC and our church

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  • Paul Reji
    What I believe about IOC . ( hope all will read this ) There is only one God, one Christ and one Church. Church is the body of Christ. Since there is only one
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 9, 2004
      What I believe about IOC . ( hope all will read this )
      There is only one God, one Christ and one Church.
      Church is the body of Christ. Since there is only one
      Christ, we can have only one body.

      So every one is either inside or outside the church.
      So how do we know if a parish or 'church' belong to a
      church . here is the test

      1) Is the church apostolic?
      If the church is apostolic then

      a) The priests of the church should have uninterrupted
      succession from the apostles. That means the bishops
      should have laid hands when consecrated from another
      bishop who has apostolic succession. Because the
      priesthood started with Moses and every since the
      priesthood passed with laying of hands)

      b) The church should follow ALL apostolic faith and

      If your local parish do not satisfy any of this
      Condition then you are out of the (Christ's) church.

      For this the faith has been decided by the three
      synods. And faith is defined by it. From that point
      church produced three kinds of people

      1 heretics ( people who interpreted faith in their
      own way)
      2 schismatic ( people who did not alter faith, but
      did not obey church head
      3 believers

      The first 2 kinds fight against Holy Spirit. Because
      The three universal synods are inspired by Holy Spirit.
      So fighting that decision is fighting against Holy
      Spirit, unfortunately a sin that is not forgiven.

      But unfortunately people have mass mentality. I guess
      God's all creations do.

      I am surprised 1/3 angels disobeyed God and went with
      Satan. Many today will say, if I were there I would not
      have done it. I would have praised the Lord. But praising
      Lord is not reading bible or preaching from Bible. It
      means simple. You just obey His words whether you like
      it or not. That is submission to God.

      Look today. So many people went with so many schematics
      And heretics over years. Many do not even seek God. They
      Blindly follow someone like the 1/3 angels did.

      In Kerala also the issue is same as the beginning of
      man kind. Disobey the Lord. Lord told Israelites obey
      Moses. But some people decided to not to listen to God

      First it was Miriam and Aaron ( Moses was her brother).
      She spoke against Moses because of Jealousy. Lord made
      her a leper.(Numbers ch12).

      Again Korah son of Kohath, Dathan and Abiram sons of Elib
      rebelled against Moses. Why? May be Moses was not a good
      speaker. May be he was not very handsome. Or they felt we
      could obey God but not God's appointed leader. Whatever.
      They held an assembly against Moses and said "Enough from
      you. The whole community is holy; The LORD is their midst.
      Why should you set yourselves LORD's congregation. "
      ( Numbers 16:3). Moses fell prostrate and prayed to God.
      Later he tried to convince the rebels. But rebels said "NO
      we don't want any peace. We don't want your leadership".
      Then what happened? God punished them. How ? "then the
      ground beneath then split open and the earth opened its
      mouth and swallowed them and their families and {all of
      Korah's men}. The went down to the nether world with their
      belongings with them" ( Numbers 16:33). Did the punishment
      end there? No, "fire from the LORD came forth which consumed
      the two hundred and fifty men who were offering the incense."

      These incidents have amazing similarities with Rebel IOC
      faction. Their leader says "Who is an Antioch patriarch?
      He is Arab. Lord is every where. Lord is with us too.
      We will disobey the Arab. We will not obey the church.
      We will offer the incense ourselves"
      ( i.e. pray and celebrate the sacraments).

      The Catholicos said "Enough! we dont need you. You are
      an Arab. We know Lord is here in Kerala too. We will do
      our offerings. Let me see if He will receive the
      offering'.( see that pride there!)

      Imagine readers! If this is not an era of compassion by
      God, where all punishments has been postponed -till His
      Judgment times there is no punishment. Had this people
      lived in Mosaic times, only LORD would know, how they
      would have been punished. I feel sorry even for
      families which probably blindly followed the rebels
      were punished and sent to netherworld by LORD. So
      even the innocent who follow this modern day Korah
      sons will go to netherworld. I am not wishing that
      way. But God is just. If He did punish Korah sons
      on that day, he will punish even today.

      Now I have to prove why IOC faction really deceives
      so many innocent.

      1 The IOC if have any existence is because they
      received the apostolic succession from Syrian church
      and no where else.

      2 Syrian church is apostolic and existed all the time

      So (1) cannot exist with out the apostolic succession of
      (2) and we know that 2 existed ALWAYS.

      So if (IOC) has any legitimacy that is because JSC was
      legitimate. If ever JSC was not legitimate then IOC
      would not be legitimate any way.

      So even IOC thinks JSC is legitimate but disobey it,
      attack it and plunder it. But since JSC gave one IOC
      apostolic succession, it has the right to take it
      back too. and it has taken it back. You may ask how
      come? Read the discussion below.

      Regarding the throne of Thomas

      1 No one claimed it till 1967, when it appeared on the
      letterheads of Catholicose Ougan. Not before. not for
      1930 years
      2 if apostle Thomas established a See, the first synods
      will refer it. Instead it refers only 4. That synod says
      that India and all the east is under Antioch. That is a
      Holly Spirit inspired decision!
      3 Apostle Thomas never consecrated a bishop here. Because
      church in kerala always had to approach One of the See's
      to get a bishop here. There are records that it approached
      See of Alexandrian in 2nd century, Antioch in 3rd
      4 None of the other apostles claimed to have a See any
      where. Not even Paul. If Thomas established one, then
      all other 11 + Apostle Paul also establish one.

      What do the IOC said before split?

      1 Their chief and Catholicos during the consecration
      ceremony "I the feeble and meek Ougen Mor Themothios,
      chosen for the ecclesiastical office of the Catholicose,
      confess my belief before this synod and before the Head
      of this synod, H.H Moran More Ignatius Yacob III,
      Patriarch of Antioch and all the East, that the
      Patriarch is my Head, that I accept from St.Peter
      the Head of the Holy Apostles up to your Holiness all
      the canonical Patriarchs who have resigned on Your
      Holiness's throne and all those who come after Your
      Holiness. Once again, I repeat my canonical connection
      with the Holy throne of Antioch, I swear ( Refer note 2)
      the I shall not depart from this solemn Oath.
      ( Illustrated weekly of India December 21-27 , 1975)
      Note : if you translate from Malayala manorama 1964
      June 5, page 4. 'I swear in God's name with adoration'

      Let us look what it means. Lets read the second command
      of the Most reverent 10 commandments from our Lord.

      "You shall not take the name of the LORD, your GOD in
      vain. For the LORD will not leave unpunished him who
      takes his name in vain."

      Now Read the Oath by IOC Cathlicos. He said a lie. He
      broke the promise taken in Lord's name. He fought with
      church, he split the church. He broke the body of the
      Christ. ( remember Jesus is the Head and church is the
      body, Holy Spirit will lead you all always till the
      end of ages). Holy Spirit lead us to the council of

      Now working against the church and its head and synod
      and the council of Nicea's decision. he worked against
      Jesus, Holy Spirit and Father LORD. I have rarely met
      a figure who has able to achieve all this!. Probably
      one similar incident to match is the Lucifer's life

      Lucifer might have said so many lies and did some
      things to become the head of Angels. Bible do not say
      how this cheat became the head of angels. It is amazing
      how he was able to convince our Lord that he was
      suitable for the Job! But we can guess. (Imagine his
      life before. He also would have said "I am feeble and
      will serve you even with my life for ever and ever
      etc etc"

      But after becoming the head of the angels he revolted
      against the head of all, our Lord, Split the church,
      which was the angels and Lord was its head. He broke
      that church He was able to convince 1/3 of the angels
      that he was correct. Or 1/3 of the angels blindly
      followed him. He broke his promise that he will serve
      the Lord. What for? Just pride! And at the end Lucifer
      and his angels will be burned in eternal hell. ( just
      mind you , many of the people will be with them too,
      in hell , in eternal fire. ( eternal means for ever)

      Do you see a similarity here? Some time I think why
      these people are following IOC.? I asked one. His
      replay. "God only sides with Syrian members (disdain),
      in that case I don't want Heaven". Isn't this the
      attitude of the most of IOC followers. A pride for
      rebelling against the Lord and Hs church. Otherwise
      I cant understand what it is!

      Look at also the behavior of the people who follow IOC.
      They have closed some 50 churches in kerala built by
      true believers with their own money to worship the
      Lord. What these people (IOC) are saying is that the
      true believers have two choices
      "1) I broke the church and disobeyed the Lord and
      used his name in vain. Follow me. I will save you.
      2) if you do not follow me, but decide the follow
      the church, then don't pray to the Lord. Close the

      I am proud to say that we the true church has not
      gone in any court to close any church. So whose
      side this, IOC? Lord or Lucifer?

      2) A letter from Fr.Paul varghese written to
      Rev Abraham Aboodi Remban dated oct9, 1968

      ( I will quote only relevant sentences as letter
      is quite long ) "Our Indian church will be indebted
      to this patriarch." "We people of India are under
      the see of Antioch. Without this tradition we have
      no other see to fall back to."

      "If we say or act anything that will distant us
      from the see of Antioch, it will be our biggest
      thanklessness and foolishness" This guy became
      bishop and he did exactly what he wrote. Was the
      Kottayam faction thankless? Were they foolish? You
      figure it out. remember what Jesus said in the
      parable of maids. Don't be foolish. Be intelligent
      in your decisions. Are they? what about their
      followers ?

      3) KM cherian the editor of Malayalam Manorama

      "We have a precious asset. That is our unbreakable
      relationship with see of Antioch". "If any one thinks
      that only people who demand to maintain that
      relationship is only from patriarch side, then
      they are wrong."

      "The three universal synods have accepted 4 sees.
      they are Rome, Constantinople, Alexandria and Antioch.
      Of which we are attached to the see of Antioch"

      Now look what Manorama (KM Mathew )is doing.
      Propagating lies after one another. Trying to break
      the church. Siding with Lucifer. (not definitely
      glorifying the Lord).

      So what do the church say regarding the rebels?. A small
      note about church. I Tim 3:15 says Chruch is the
      foundation of truth. No Bible, Not bishop nothing. This
      is because When Christ was here On earth, He was the
      source of all blessings. Now Chruch is the Continuation
      of His incarnation and all blessings are through Church.
      (that is through Christ's church) Here is some from
      Hudaya Canon)

      Can we accept their baptism.? Many people go to Parumala
      for baptism and get baptized under a rebel priest?

      "If any priest or Episcopes accepts the baptism of the
      heretics then they should be excommunicated form the
      church" (From canon ).

      Can we partake the Holy Communion?
      " Run away from these people's Holy Communion , as though
      you are running away from deadly poison" (Canon)

      Can we go to their church? Or can their priest come to
      our church? "Do not celebrate the Holy Communion near the
      heretics " (Timothy patriarch) "The priest who gives the
      Holy Communion to the heretics should be excommunicated
      from the church)( Gevergi - canon)

      Can we be buried by a rebel priest?

      "The believer should not be buried by a heretics . If
      there is a need arises and there is not priest available
      then the 'almaya'(parish member) should bury the dead."
      (Bar ebraya)

      Can Jacobite priest remember a person of other faction?

      "A true believer priest is not allowed to offer anida
      Qurbana for the heretics "

      Ok can we go and pray for such people? (our friends and
      relatives in other faction)

      "The sons of the Holy church are not allowed to go to
      the tomb of the heretic for prayer or for healing. If
      any church member do so, he/she should not partake in
      Holy Communion for some time. He should not be offered
      the Holy Communion for some time. He can be received
      back to the church only if he repents and confess of
      his wrong dong" (Council of Lavodea - para 9)

      Can the church member go to their prayer meetings? Or
      to their church just for a Sunday?

      "The church members should not pray with heretic
      schismatic" (Council of Lavodea - para 33)

      " The church members should not work with or even talk
      to the heretics " ( raboola 76)

      "The heretic should not be even allowed to sit in a
      monastery or come near the Holy Communion"

      Can we read their books?

      "look for the books of the heretic at all places.
      If found bring near us. or burn it "(raboola 78)

      Can we eat together?( This hard, ok. See this show
      the attitude of Lord to Lucifer)

      "The priests and deacons of the church should not eat
      with the heretics. If seen so then they should be

      " You should not eat with the heretics. You should
      not seek blessings from them. Because their right hand
      is of injustice. You should not bless them. Because it
      is written that 'LORD angers seeing the unjust blessed"
      ( Youhanon of Thella )

      God treats every one in black and white. There is only
      one God and one truth. Either you are with Him or not.
      Or all are either with GOD or with Lucifer. Either with
      Truth or not. Lord really angers at who ever at the side
      of Satan. The judgment will come. Every one should remember
      that ! If Aaron's sons was killed for praying to God,( but
      disobeyed unintentionaly) be watchful. It could happen to
      any one of us.

      We are given the freedom of choice. CHOOSE WISELY . Because
      this is not about joining sides like a football game.
      (most people have that attitude).

      So when our Lord comes back, where do you want to stand,
      left or right? you decide.

      God bless you all, and hope your wisdom over come your pride.

      In Lord
      St. Ignatious church, Dallas
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