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Reconstruction Of Puthuppally Jacobite Church

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  • Biju Kurian Mathew
    Puthuppally St.George Valiyapally is one of the important churches in Kottayam Diocese. It was built by our forefather s in prayer and unity. It had been a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 12, 2004
      Puthuppally St.George Valiyapally is one of the
      important churches in Kottayam Diocese. It was
      built by our forefather's in prayer and unity.
      It had been a blessing to them, their children
      and the people around. The place Puthuppally also
      blessed. The church stood high as a source of
      power, encouragement and unity.

      Arguments started among the parishioners along
      with 'Sabha Case'. Patriarch and Catholicose factions
      were there. The litigation between these groups has
      been going on since 1912. Both conducted their
      services on turn basis. Fr.Jesus Kadiyanthuruthil,
      the vicar of Jacobite faction passed away in 1999.
      After that, we could not appoint a priest as the
      litigation turned against us. Catholicose faction
      took charge of the church affairs. Still we are
      fighting for our rights. (The case is in high court).

      Meanwhile, we built a Patriarchal Centre (Chapel)
      near Valiyapally in 1993, so that we could attend
      services peacefully. With the help of God Almighty
      we could stand firm even through the difficult
      circumstances that were created against us. In 2001,
      we got approval for a cemetery.

      The chapel perennal conducted in memory of St.Geroge
      is so famous that thousands attend it and get blessed.
      Even though the centre is in its childhood years, it
      has become popular. We are progressing day by day. Now
      the centre can not accommodate the crowd, and basic
      facilities are limited. Keeping this in mind, we are
      planing to re construct the chapel. Our idea is a
      30-ft x 80-ft church with a budget of Rs.50 lakhs.
      H.G.Thomas Mor Thimothiose, Bishop of Kottayam Diocese,
      inaugurated the fund raising for the proposed church
      on 21st December 2003.

      We are happy for the proposed church and started
      working hard to make it true. Now we need your prayers
      and support in building it up. We would be grateful
      to you if you could support us. St.George was a fighter,
      who fought the good fight, finished his race and kept
      the faith that 'Jesus is Christ'. This is the credited
      to him as righteousness.

      "Anyone who receives a righteous man will receive a
      righteous man's reward (Matthew 10:41).
      The Lord himself says this. You and posterity will
      be blessed.

      We invite your Contributions to:

      Patriarchal Church Reconstruction Fund
      A/C No.199, Canara Bank
      Ericadu Branch. Puthupplally
      Kottayam (Dist), Kearla, India.

      With Prayers
      Biju Kurian Mathew(Puthuppally)
      St.Mary's Jacobite Syrian Church, Muscat
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