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Rev.Dr.George Mathew (Metropolitan Designate)

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    We congratulate our beloved Rev.Dr. George Mathew Nalunnakkal, on this great occation. He is truly a great asset to the Malankara Jacobite Church and his great
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 12, 2004
      We congratulate our beloved Rev.Dr. George Mathew
      Nalunnakkal, on this great occation. He is truly
      a great asset to the Malankara Jacobite Church and
      his great works are the needs of the time. We should
      thank our Holy synod in selecting him as the candidate
      for bishopric in Kozhikode.There is nobody else more
      suitable than him for this post.We feel that it is the
      time God answered the prayers of the Jacobite church!!!!.

      He has been a member of this forum since a long time
      and has posted many articles.We the moderators of SOCM
      forum, join the members of the Kozhikode (Malabar)
      diocese in this happy occation.

      Fr. George Mathew Nalunnakal, was born in Nalunnakkal,
      Kottayam, Kerala in the year 1965. He was brought up
      in Jacobite faith since his childhood and was baptized
      at St. Adai's Jacobite Church, Nalunnakkal, his home
      parish (which was blessed by the Apostolic visit of
      the Supreme Head of the Universal Syrian Orthodox Church,
      H.H. Ignatius Zakka I, the Prince Patriarch of Antioch and
      all the East.)http://www.saintadaischurch.org

      His parents, Mr. P.C. Mathew and Mrs. Marykutty Mathew
      (both 78 years old now) have been a major source of
      spiritual influence to him. His two brothers and four
      sisters have also been very supportive in his spiritual
      and theological upbringing.

      His early schooling was very humble and was done at
      St. Elias Primary School and Jerusalem Mount High
      School, Vakathanam, both being village schools. He
      passed his SSLC exams in high first class and joined
      St. Berchman's College, Changanacherry where he did
      his Pre-Degree and B.A. in English literature.

      Alongside his secular education, he also pursued his
      Sunday School education. He stood first in the 10th
      standard examinations in Kottayam diocese and secured
      the Michael Mor Divannasios memorial gold medal.

      After his graduation, he joined the reputed United
      Theological College, Bangalore for his theological
      studies. He completed his B.D in the year 1990 in
      first class and was appointed as Research Assistant
      in the department of Church and Society. His then
      bishop, the late lamented Perumpallil Gheevarghese
      Mor Greegoriose thirumeni, granted him permission to
      accept the offer and he completed the research project
      in 1991, the year in which he joined the faculty of
      Malnkara Syrian Orthodox Theological Seminary in Kerala
      (M.S.O.T.Seminary). It was during his tenure as Registrar,
      that our seminary was granted B.D. affiliation from the
      Serampore University. In 1992, he was offered a
      scholarship to do his doctoral studies in England and he
      joined the University of Kent at Canterbury, England to
      do his Ph.D in Ecotheology. He had the rare privilege to
      do his research underthe illustrious Anglican Professor
      Dr. Robin Gill under whose proficient guidance he was
      able to complete his Ph.D in a record time of three years.
      On his completion of Ph.D, he rejoined our seminary in
      Kerala and resumed teaching.

      God has been amazingly gracious to him in providing him
      with enormous opportunities to involve in ecumenical
      engagements. He has had the privilege of serving the
      Kerala Council of Churches as its Senior Faculty Member
      (1997-1998), the National Council of Churches in India
      as its Executive Secretary for Mission and Evangelism
      (1998-2001). At present, he also serve the World Council
      of Churches as vice moderator of the Commission on World
      Mission and Evangelism (CWME). He have attended several
      international consultations organized by the WCC, CCA,
      Pro-Oriente, WSCF, the Anglican Communion, the NCCI
      and other such ecumenical bodies. He has been a member
      of the Dialogue Commission of Syraic Orthodox Church.

      In all this, he had the honour to represent Malankara
      Jacobite Church and he continued to do that with great
      sense of pride.

      Currently, he is on the teaching faculty of the United
      Theological College, Bangalore, teaching Theology and

      We are proud to say that he is the first member from the
      Malankara Church to be on the faculty of this premier
      theological institution. He has also taught at other
      seminaries as visiting professor.

      He was ordained as a deacon in 2001 and as a priest in
      2002 by His Grace Thomas Mor Themotheose Metropolitan.
      After his ordination, he served two parishes in
      Kerala as Assistant vicar. Currently he is serving
      St.Peter's and St.Paul's Jacobite Church, Mathikere,
      Bangalore as Assistant vicar.

      He has published several books and articles both in
      English and Malayalam. Following are some of the major

      Jeevante Akhosham (Bible Studies, edited in Malayalam),
      KCC/EDTP, Tiruvalla, 1998

      New Beings and New Communities:
      Theological Reflections in a Postmodern Context,
      KCC/EDTP, Tiruvalla, 1998

      Green Liberation: Towards an Integral Ecotheology,
      NCCI/ISPCK, Delhi, 1999

      Quest for Justice: Perspectives o Mission and Unity
      NCCI/GURUKUL/ISPCK, Delhi, 2000

      Kazhchapadukal (Perspecives, Essays in Malayalam),
      Mor Adai Study Center, Cheeranchira, 2002

      Sathya Vishwasa Padanangal
      (Orthodox Studies,Essays on Orthodox faith in Malayalam),
      Co-Authored with V.Rev. Kuriakose Corepiscopa Moolayail,
      Mor Adai Study Center, Cheeranchira, 2003

      Several other articles in leading theological journals

      To the late lamented Gheevarghese Mor Greegoriose
      thrumeni who loved him a lot, he do owe a great deal.
      His unwavering loyalty to the Petrine throne in Antioch
      and unflinching convictions in the Syrian Orthodox
      faith and traditions have been a tremendous source of
      inspiration for Fr. George.

      In Our Lords Love
      SOCM forum
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