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Beware the wolfs in sheep’s cloths

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  • Aji Thomas David
    Moderators & members Once again the old Malayalam saying Avanavan Kuzicha Kuziyil Avanan Thanne Vezhum become true. One Mr. Thomas P (as per his latest
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 7, 2004
      Moderators & members

      Once again the old Malayalam saying " Avanavan Kuzicha
      Kuziyil Avanan Thanne Vezhum" become true.

      One Mr. Thomas P (as per his latest declaration in this
      forum, he belongs to two churches in Thumpomn diocese
      of Indian Orthodox Church) left and right accuses and
      attack Universal Syrian Orthodox Church and its hierarchy
      in different names using different email id in many open
      forums. Also he takes the email id of innocent Jacobites
      and communicates with them personally with all his brain
      washing articles.

      God is great. He (Thomas P) himself ditches his hole.
      Recently he post a message in OO forum
      email id as Oomman P & signature Thomas (message no 2325 ?
      attached with this posting) the same day next message is
      appeared with out any signature. All his previous posting
      in that forum (message no 2264, 2262, 2259 etc)in same
      email id but under the signature of -Paul.

      I warn about some time back the moderators of this forum
      (my message no 3478), but still I found Mr. Thomas
      (Mr. Oomman / Mr. Paul) freely expressing his views in
      our forum using thomas_p id.

      This act of Mr. Thomas (Mr. Oomman / Mr. Paul ) is enough
      to remove him from our forum. Hope the moderators will
      take necessary action immediately.

      I will bring this matter in to the OO forum only after
      publishing my post in SOCM. Else he might delete his message
      from that forum. So please approve this posting and let us
      expose the true nature of Indian Orthodox Church and its play.

      In Christ
      Aji Thomas David
      Kayamkulam Kadisa Church

      From: "p_oommen2001" <p_oommen2001@y...>
      Date: Wed Jan 7, 2004 9:24 pm
      Subject: Re: Apostolica

      --- In oriental_orthodoxy@yahoogroups.com, "Jayson Kent"
      <elyahmorad@a...> wrote:
      > dhinuus
      > No, Mar Makarios is not a canonical bishop, since he was
      > excommunicated by the Patriarch of Antioch, along with the other
      > bishops of the IOC. This schism (of the IOC) has caused a great
      > of heartache and pain on both sides. Please remember the IOC in
      > prayers.
      > In love and service,
      > Jayson Kent

      The information provided here by Jayson Kent is wrong.
      It was not the Holy Synod of Syrian Orthodox which
      ordained H.G. Mar Makarios. H.G. Makarios was ordained
      a bishop in 1975 by Catholicos of the East Mar Baselius
      Ougen 1, the head of the Holy Synod of the Malankara
      Orthodox Syrian Church (aka Indian Orthodox). H.G. Mar
      Makarios became a bishop of the Indian holy synod in
      1975 and today H.G. is the Bishop of Canada, U.K. and
      Europe in the same Holy Synod. There were five bishops
      ordained in 1975, which included late H.G. Paulos
      Mar Gregorios, the first metropolitan of Delhi and
      H.G. Mar Osthathios, president of the IOC Evangelical

      Please try to give accurate information about canonical
      bishops of the Indian Holy Synod.

      From the Desk of Moderators

      We thank Mr. Aji to bring this matter to forum
      attention. Same time we request all our members
      to keep in mind that the postings and your signature
      should be in accordance to the christian values.

      Even though the Owner and moderators owe allegiance
      to the hierarchy of the Universal Syriac Orthodox
      Church, we welcome all christians to our forum
      regardless of their faith and belief and allow
      to express their opinions for the benefit of better
      understanding among other christians.

      We hope our members will understand our position and
      request every one to follow christian values.

      In Our Lords Love
      Forum Moderators
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