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Re: Rules for marriages compiled by Abin Geogre

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  • Alex Jojo Joseph
    Dear All, Had been on vacation and so the silence.First of all, let me wish all SOCM forum members a fabulous and blessed new year ahead. Have a wonderful 2004
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 31, 2003
      Dear All,

      Had been on vacation and so the silence.First of all,
      let me wish all SOCM forum members a fabulous and
      blessed new year ahead. Have a wonderful 2004 which
      can take us and our church to great heights and which
      can offer us the strength to stand against all awaited

      >Quote from Mr. Sabu's mail "I belong to St. George
      >Orthodox church Abudhabi and an ordinary member with
      >no knowledge in theology or anything...I really feel
      >ashamed to say I am a christian when I see ourselves
      >fighting like street dogs. I am not only saying about
      >IOC or SOC, but about all christian denominations and
      >the sect groups...It is very sad to read the letter of
      >Mr. Abin George...When we analize all our decisions in
      >any denomination of christians we can find that some or
      >other vested interests were there. It can be either
      >financial or of position etc."

      I understand and appreciate the underlying sincere
      call for a better tomorrow.As we step on to the fresh
      year,it is definitely a good thought.But,for every
      individual,the process of transforming a thought to
      a decision is definitely and clearly dependent on
      previous experiances..Let me analize my thoughts
      regarding this.

      By birth I belong to the Jacobite church and you
      belong to IOC.But,as we start to understand the days
      around us,I believe we are moved.And now,I can proclaim
      firmly that I belong to the Jacobite church by birth
      and by deeds..courtesy IOC..they only made me use this
      term.You feel sorry for the street fight and I feel the
      need to give it back.Same answer will be ready with all
      neo historians of IOC also.

      I belong to St.George Jacobite Syrian Chapel ,Kavumbhagom,
      Thiruvalla which was built overnight when Kattappuram
      Church's key was taken and locked inside Devalokam aramana.
      From the day I could remember,I had been a witness of all
      those stage-managed action-packed performances by IOC
      members at Kattappuram pally's cemetry as we also shared
      the same. Our priests were not allowed to step inside the
      same and there had been plenty of instances when their vicar
      had removed the 'moodupadam' and performed 'azhichu chollal'
      as per their dictionary.We were forced to buy new plot and
      go through all the hazzles to get approal for a cemetry.Then
      they came up with a sequence of stay orders and objections
      from nearby residents.Then came the petetion to cut down
      the trees and to give place for a compound wall since our
      new cemetry is beside another IOC church's auditorium.One
      by one, everything was lifted by Geevargis Sahada and as
      we completed the structure now,IOC managed to file another
      petetion that says that the compound wall we made (withion
      our plot) is a retention wall and asking us to spare more
      area for new compound wall...Let me stop here and ask..what
      do you feel now?shame? pity?anger? Why all these things were
      arranged by two IOC parishes (the later one only have few
      families)?What are they going to lose if we light a candle
      and could have dhoopaprathana for our departed ones?..

      Now on to the climax..By the grace of god and the guidence
      of Sahada we could find out that the IOC parish's auditorium
      itself is violating the approved plan by Thiruvalla
      Municipality.We filed a counter petetion for the same and
      2004 january has a compromise talk in hand for both factions.
      Only settlement would be to take off both the suites.Only
      they knows what else will follow..Just narrated this to make
      it clear that since it is not theology that differentiates
      us,the feeling of shame should come from the people who
      started all this.

      It should not be like that to ask JSOC members to feel
      shame and to file court cases against us side by side....

      It should not be like that to criticize 8 day lent at
      Manarcaud as uncanonical and to go ahead with vidyarambham....

      It should not be like to criticize Christmas on Dec 25 as
      westernized and to support Indianization just to get the
      sympathy of RSS so that the verdict from Delhi will be in
      your favour....

      It should not be like sending 3 messages from HQ to vote
      for somebody at Thirualla just beacuse JSOC supported the
      other group for their victory at Ernakulam....

      It should not be like asking ordinary members who dont
      know anything about the dirty games to stand for a united
      2004 and to wait for a flexible verdict by man and money
      power from supreme court....

      To conclude,in my personnel openion,I extend my appreciation
      to Mr. Abin and his friends for the good work.It will be
      great,whatever it may be,when you try to uphold the faith
      taught by our ancestors.For my marriage,no one in my family
      will ever agree to an IOC girl,no matter how good she is or
      what she is.I know many people who think like the same..on
      both sides..:-)Your idea of a database is really appreciated.

      All of us are aware that IOC forum runs their own matrimonial
      helpline on a weekly basis.So..keep up the good work.
      All the best.

      Alex Jojo Joseph
      St.Mary's JSO Church, Queen's Road, Bangalore
      St.George JS Chapel, Kavumbhagom, Thiruvalla
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