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YEAR END Thanksgiving to God

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  • Philip Oommen
    Now we have reached the end of 2003. It is a time to express our thanks to God for the great things he has done this past year. Many people ask us How can I
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 28, 2003
      Now we have reached the end of 2003. It is a time
      to express our thanks to God for the great things
      he has done this past year.

      Many people ask us "How can I praise God in my
      present bad situation? He gives our friends everything
      they pray for-while He does not answer us?" To them
      we answer.

      "If we are not thankful, we are bitter and angry
      with God. If we are not content with God, we become
      rebellious and complaining which are serious sins
      before God".

      Underlying these complaints and questions lie two
      errors in our thinking: that God is not trustworthy
      and he doesn�t desire good. When we compare these
      conclusions with Bible, we discover how wrong we
      are! Bible teaches that God is hoveringly in control,
      providing for and working out all the circumstances
      in the lives of those who live him and whom he has
      called (Romans 8:28, 1Cor 10:13,Phili 4:6-7) He is
      intimately involved with us; he works out his purposes
      through the events in our lives so that we may be
      conformed to the image of His Son. We have further
      reason to praise him. The same God who formed the
      world in six days knows even the hairs on our heads.
      The same God who chose a people for himself before
      we were born, sent his Son to die on the cross to
      redeem us from our sins. God�s love for us is not
      determined by circumstances in our lives. His love
      is steadfast. Our career or finances might fluctuate
      or totally break apart. In spite of that we can and
      we must give Him thanks for his love towards us. We
      must serve him with unhesitating hearts.

      These days I spend an hour a day thanking God for
      the following blessings given to our family in 2003.
      Telling testimonies about God brings fellowship, and
      fellowship brings joy. I write this for the benefit
      of all readers especially the youngsters.

      For God�s love, mercy, and kindness which sustained
      our life on earth. He supplied our Physical, Spiritual,
      and financial needs (Phil 4:19,20)

      For His great faithfulness, even though we were
      faithless sometimes (2 Tim 2:13)

      For protecting us from enemies. He has been our
      refuge (Psalm: 9:9)

      For preventing us from killing our enemies due
      to our anger. (1Samuel 25:33,34)

      He made His strength available to us in our suffering
      times which He turned into growing time
      For giving us good congregation, friends, church,
      church fathers, parents, children
      He forgave our sins, healed our diseases, redeemed
      us from death, crowned us with love and compassion,
      satisfied our desires, and gave righteousness and
      justice (Ps 103: 1-5)

      So far he helped (1Samuel 7:12).

      He owned us in our trouble. He was with us by the
      influence of his Holy Spirit both on minds giving
      comforts and on the minds of those concerned with,
      giving us favor in their eyes.

      God gave us satisfaction in Jesus
      God raised us out of nothing to abundance.

      Philip Oomman
      St. Kuriakose Orthodox Church, Puramattom
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