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  • Abin George Kuriakose
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 24, 2003

      my beloved brothers and sisters of UNIVERSAL SYRIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH faithfuls,

      The jacobite syrian christian youth association camp of UNIVERSAL SYRIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH held at St.mary's jacobite syrian church, kuruppumpady was an interesting one. We 5 members from st. mary's jacobite church(valiyapally) kothamangalam ,atteneded in the camp.

      We have St.mary's ITC in the field of computer. At the camp we display our first software. we got some time to say abt the project and the new ideas for the progress of our UNIVERSAL SYRIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH.

      Earlier before months i wrote in this forum about the new direction of our (valiya pally's) youth association's working areas. Here the under the association there are various departments and each have a chief co-ordinator and 2 members. They planned abt the new projects and submitt in the association. some of our departments are dept. of computer and councelling, blood donors forum, eye donation forum , social welfare (social welfare for our ladies), arts and sports, dept. of education all over for the development of our soul doing bible classes and syriac language teaching, and some other fields (some are under planning).

      The first product of Dept. of computer and councelling is a pre-marital course and next one is a personality development camp for our teen agers.


      Also the next project of our church is in the field of new technlogy of computer, we are now planning to setup computers and make a seprate dept. of software development centre and a family councelling center. also to give primary education of computer to all our sunday school students and youths.
      around Rs.75,000 needed urgently. i believe GOD will help.
      (here "our" means not only our parish members but also all "OUR" church members.)

      The present project is the displayed one a matrimonial search engine, its name is
      USOC-MATE FINDER for our church members. i think around 6000 line coding is need for that. it is a complete one and some other facilities are included in it.

      The displayed one is did as an educational purpose one for display and teaching only and we are trying to buy the commercial purpose softwares and install it in the new dept of s/w development.
      the aim of our computer dept. is after the installation of that to computerize all the parishes of our church. before that we have to computerize all our bishop's aramana.

      we explain all the functions of the s/w in that camp. all are interested and gave us support
      The condition is after the installation. if any one is reg. in the search engine must sign some documents that he will not give any names or address of our church members to other church members directly or indirectly. if violate say God will punish him. then only registration will allow.

      The main inspiration behind the installation of new departments is

      To block the marriage our boys & girls with other church members. Also if a boy or a girl wants to marry other church members one way is to baptise them include in after declaring their faith infront the alter of our church and signed some documents related to that. (here not specify in detail)

      i am very much sad abt the "low class" thoughts of some of our church members. some are very interested in our believes and i thing GOD bless them - childrens with high education and good looking face- after that they have no interest in church or its faith.
      these parents are trying to make the marriage of there children with other churches. now i warn to these members is that "U WILL CRY". i am sure God will.....................

      Our Holy fathers and our mar baselius paulose 2nd bava said " if any one has no relation ship with ANTIOCH then he can't able to contact with our LORD JESUS"

      H.H IGNATIUS ZAKKA 1 bava only allowed the marriage with the roman catholic church.
      so if any one is doing other than that he must be out of our church. According to our H.H YAKOOB 3 RD BAVA'S order if any one joins with the scaraments of other churches they will out of our church.

      I know many of our present "great local leaders" make their childrens marriage with "great leaders" even of indian ortho church. i am so sad abt it. (all know who is that leaders,,,,also a "big" faithful gave thier beautiful child to manorama also - now also he is a "big" leader ) so sad ............... we must raise and respond aganist it and remove them. i have no personal angry with any one but if in the case of faith , the church members must follow its rules,....

      I suggest all my beloved faithfull of our church members to avoid these type of leaders from their official positions and put faithfulls.
      if any one think now , if they are marrying what is my problem?? , my answer is plz go out side of our church. if u can't able to follow the rules of our church.

      I am sure youth association will respond aganist these type of marriages in a loud voice.

      many times we noted that if a guy change his foot and go to any other church then we all aganist him and try to convert him to our church. other wise surely we kept him outside our church. But what is in the case of a girl (if she marry an outsider to our church - she also change her foot after marrying an outsider) no one critize her or the persons that make the path ie their parents. In most case i felt girls are innocent and likely to stay in our church. but the black hands of some others are doing or kept them out of our church. i think No one advice her or her families. wht a pity condition ???

      I know a lady, her parents died. many proposals came and atlast they said to me, they tired and going to fix this marriage and the proposed one is from indian orrtho. church. i called her and advice don't agree with that marriage. it is aganist our church. she understood wht i mean. Also said God will give u a good one from our chuch. God heard my prayer and she got a loving good one with a PG degree. I saw GOD's grace on his children.

      The local synod of our church can't able to make a rule because in the PATRIARCH'S ORDER it is specified that not such relation is allowed. so true way is to keep the orders of OUR H.H PATRIARCH OF ANTIOCH and our bishops and priests must inform abt the members abt this and keep the order of our H.H patriarch. If any one voilate this rule our bishops must make an order that , and declare in the parish that, this person is outside our church because of change his/her faith, and tell the "maharon" to that person and if the family supports tell it to them also and remove them from our parish.
      Other wise the security of our church is ....(i have no words to tell) I write these for the prospersous of our church. not take in other formats.

      If any priest is signing the matrimonial paper (kuri) of a person that goings to marry with other church(except RC) that priest is violating our HH Patriarch's order, so if any such incident is going on any of our parshies, bishops must take imediate actions aganist that priest.

      if any is not like to keep the oders plz don't disturb the faithfull, go outside, no one is compelling any one .

      now our parish youth is studying abt our church members. and making reports abt how to develop? and so

      I invite a good responce from our church members only., to protect our church members.

      I know a lady met me, she was crying and told to me "my father make marriage with this person, so no she is out of jacobite church" i think she has no problem in the family, but when she think abt the church , she is crying , so sad ,, so pathetic condition .... , u some parents and some brothers are so cruel so cruel ........i think they betray our jesus and church also ...

      (all these are written according to our faith, if any one is not knowing our faith plz not respond)

      i think first of all teach our members the faith of our church.

      so keep in touch and make a mental relation ship with all our church members.

      we have less money to implement these projects so if any one is interested to NOT HELP but JOIN HANDS for the progress of our church. plz contact with the following id:


      we are not compell any one but any one is interested can join with us.
      we are also interested to communicate with differents organizations inside and outside india of our UNIVERSAL SYRIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH to plan various projects. if SAMAJAM (organiation directly under the control of HH Patriarch) also SOYA (syriac orthodox youth asso.) of canada diocese and so and so. and make a universal link.

      my beloved jacobites i am only advising not in a harsh voice but only with the voice of faith.

      I also except a good responds from our Bishop's and priests in this forum.

      In psycology there are many points specified for a good run inistitution -
      stern attitude
      keep the rules
      so and so , because of low space i conclude

      with prayers,
      Abin George
      St.Mary's valiya pally, kothamangalam
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