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Self Evaluation / Seasons GREETINGS

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  • Varughese C J
    Dear All, This is the festive season. The young and old await to celebrate it with humour and pomp. Hope the following lines will help us all to have some
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 23, 2003
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      Dear All,

      This is the festive season. The young and old await
      to celebrate it with humour and pomp. Hope the following
      lines will help us all to have some self-evaluation.

      Christian families dedicated to God’s service, is the
      need of the hour for our nation. Any family built on
      Biblical principles gives flavour to the prevailing
      society. The family is an autonomous unit of the social
      fabric of the society. It is an institution established
      by God. It is a spiritual organism, which grows and
      multiplies. If a family is deeply rooted in God's
      word, the church will be strengthened and in turn the
      church will become salt and light and impart peace and
      direction to the society and nation. We will have to
      be vigilent to be salt and light of our church and the
      nation. For achieving this:

      ** Spend time with the Lord : One should spend time
      with the Lord to listen and to obey His voice as His
      sheep listen to Him (St. Jn. 10:4). The spiritual
      transformation of a family occurs according to how
      much they show obedience to God’s voice. To whom they
      listen determines the vitality of Christian family.

      ** Family Prayer: “Teach, talk and write about God’s
      commands to your children all the time” (Deut. 6:7).
      Daily family prayer is a daily nourishment to the
      spiritual growth of a Christian family. Present day
      children may not be able to stay with parents for
      long years. So parents, “teach them the way they
      should go” (Prov. 22:6).

      ** Adjusting with Children: Little ones have enormous
      energy to control parents’ daily routine. 21st century
      world changing patterns are likely to be dangerous for
      parents when they ignore the Biblical value system.
      Parents have to teach children about the Word and
      remove the world’s influence which they bring home.
      Remember children learn primarily by imitating parents.
      Importance should be given to a cautious and careful
      exposure to the world through the electronic media.
      So beware of your (Tele)vision and Internet.

      ** Church and Parachurch: The church belongs to God
      and the builder is also God. So church relationship
      is very important for a christian family. Beware
      and guard your family from the church which deviates
      from Biblical and Canonical teachings. Be faithful
      to our Church as led by the Lord and pray that the
      church may influence the society where it exists.
      Parachurch movements are also raised by God to help
      and revive the church, whenever it is necessary. Our
      family should pray for the betterment of our church
      leaders’ and spiritual heads, because they are the
      one who direct the affairs of the church.

      ** Faith at work place: Work for livelihood, but
      work time should not rob your family time. If your
      family life is firm and confident in the Lord,
      work place will be a place to witness our Lord fully.

      ** Relationships and Hospitality: Share with God’s
      people who are in need. Practice hospitality irrective
      of one’s position. The christian home is an ideal place
      for demonstrating God’s love in action. Do not extend
      your hospitality only with a hope of reciprocity.

      Over and above, a family is subjected to world’s
      pressures, pulls, and subtle influences; but only God’s
      Word has the final say in family values and habits.
      More than that God desires to dwell in a Christian
      family. We should keep our eyes open and look after
      orphans, widows and the underprivileged. The parable
      of the Rich man and Lazarus should be a reminder to
      us. As usual and visible in and around our family,
      the rich man might be a regular in Church, prayed
      loudly in open and have shared his joy and happiness
      with selected ones, but he used to close his eye
      towards the poor Lazarus. Important to note, as a
      true christian our responsibility should not be
      restricted only to our family, friends and close
      relatives, we should extend our hands to the needy,
      the underprivileged and poor. That is what our Saviour
      and Lord want from us.

      Let us all hope that we will not face with a question
      from Almighty as Cain once faced. That is,
      "Why are you angry? Why is your face downcast? If you
      do what is right, will you not be accepted?". But
      remember, if you do not do what is right, sin is
      crouching at your door, it desires to have you, but
      you must overcome it.

      In this season of great joy, happiness and sharing,
      let us all pray to Almighty to give us wisdom,
      willingness and courage to live as a TRUE CHRISTIAN.

      With seasons GREETINGS and on OUR LORD’S LOVE,
      CJ Varughese
      St. Mary’s JSO Church, Ahmedabad.
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