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  • Fr. John Kunjukunju
    While agreeing with our respected son of the church my deep agony is that why people do not think seriously why well educated and active people born, bought
    Message 1 of 20 , Feb 10, 2002
      While agreeing with our respected "son of the church" my deep agony is that why people do not think seriously why well educated and active people born, bought up, taught in the faith of the church is deserting it! Certain over enthusiastic people instead of finding sufficient reasons, simply brand them as ignorant, disobedient, cheater, selfish and so on while people who are fit to be called so remain in the fold and no one takes notice of it.
      I have also some such story to tell.
      Back in early seventy's  I wrote to the then catholicose, V Rev Paul Remban later Mor Gregorious, Editor of Malankara sabha weekly, Illustrated weekly and etc. Some of the members in this form know about it. I miserably regret for the words then I used out of my extreme interest and faithfulness to Patriarch. When understand realities are made known by experience, I hope every one would have enough to regret.
      My appeal to everyone in Christ's love is that we Indians take servitude as our birth right. Submission is not servitude. So contain all divisive thought and work for unity and peace.
      I heard someone say can SC dictate our faith, etc. Let them think that SC did not interfere voluntarily. We were the one who went to court and wanted its verdict. So let us respect its verdict and that is minimum courtesy. Moreover SC verdict says, "both parties agreed for unity". Those who say, "divide" mean that this statement is a lie? Fr John KK. 
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      i appreciate your sentiments. may god bless you.
      catholicose was, still is, willing to sign a joint declaration accepting the Patriarch and annex thereto all Supreme Court orders and the Constitution, personally signed on every page. The patriarch PERSONALLY found it satisfactory, but there were people on both sides who opposed. for every word we say against them they have two words to say against us, starting from saying that Mar Thoma was a kappiar( that is how they put it!!). the sensible thing to do now IN THE CIRCUMSTANCES AS THEY EXIST TODAY is to say whatever we want to say INSIDE the church. we have already made a number of educated people run away to Pentecostal groups etc.by not going to the Association we are opting out voluntarily from the malankara church, unless the Supreme Court would do a volte face andsay something they have not said so far. anyway the church is the body of Christ. God will guide.let us keep praying that His will be done.
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      with due respect to Babu Paul sir i would like him to clarify a few points here.

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