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Fwd: Mr.George Abraham's letter/'Berlin Wall'

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  • Thomas Daniel
    ... Dear Mr.George Abraham, Thank you very much for bringing out some of the real facts though they may resemble `skeletons in the closet . 1.The legal battles
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2001
      --- In IndianOrthodox@y..., Mani_P_Sam@a... wrote:
      Dear Mr.George Abraham,

      Thank you very much for bringing out some of the real facts though
      they may
      resemble `skeletons in the closet'.

      1.The legal battles have served no purpose whatsoever except
      benefitting the `lawyers'.Why not the church leaders come out with the
      total amount spent on litigation since the split?May be all the
      should request for an end to litigation and request a compulsory
      conciliation process. I am sure it will run into crores and crores and
      would have been more than sufficient to build enough no. of Churches
      Cathedrals to provide `material' support to members of both the
      I am reminded of an observation made by a learned Judge of the Kerala
      Court quite sometime back (Honourable Justice Balakrishnan Potti or
      Eradi I
      do not remember the name) he remarked that the members of this ancient
      church should try to reconcile their differences in the true Christian
      spirit-- - anybody listening?
      I am distressed to note that bishops,priests and laity are ever
      willing to
      have government appointed receivers to run the affairs of some of our
      ancient pilgrim centres and churches... I do not think that we have
      anything against believers of other faiths entering our church but a
      of the other faction `shall not even cross the threshold whom are we
      trying to hoodwink? are we not cheating ourselves?

      2.All our members are supporters of the ecumenical process we should
      our differences between the two factions before we hark on anything
      else.... However the problem is a bit complicated because it is almost
      nothing of faith but or power and authority. Why not all parishes
      both the factions are present work towards a reconciliation at the
      level itself?

      3.We also need to recognise the fact that administrative matters and
      spiritual matters need to be seggregated. Let our Bishops and Achens
      continue in service without retirement. However
      responsibilities shall not be given to anyone above 60 years. May be
      should identify young deacons and priests with exceptional managerial
      executive abilities and even impart a 6months to one year of formal
      management education to them and appoint them to positions which call
      managerial abilities.(let me site a simple example to translate our
      into say English call for an in-depth knowledge of liturgy,Church
      Traditions and history and linguistic skills, however to Manage the
      and to bring out the publication in time/cost constraints and to
      effectively document the works (so that it may be periodically
      updated in
      an ongoing manner) and to price and distribute it effectively calls
      pure managerial expertise. Why not we recognise these matters in our

      4.The persons who have been involved in and managing the legal action
      between the factions have got so much embroiled in it , it may be
      for them to even consider other alternatives. Both the factions
      should take
      a decision (only grass root level awareness and action alone can
      lead to
      this) to reconstitute all such action committees or groups
      irrespective of
      the name by which they are called or the nature of membership with
      immediate effect. No one who has ever been a member in the earlier
      committees be allowed to be a member in the new committee.

      5.We need to have a will and resolve to swallow our false pride and
      ...... However if we do not do it, it will be nothing short of a

      Let us all pray for the early end to all litigation
      Mani P. Sam
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