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Advent fast begins today- December 01

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    On December 01, the Syrian Orthodox Church In Malankara start the Advent Fast. It The central idea of Advent is that it is the coming of the Lord Jesus. The
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 15, 2003
      On December 01, the Syrian Orthodox Church In Malankara
      start the Advent Fast.

      It The central idea of Advent is that it is the "coming"
      of the Lord Jesus. The Lord Jesus it already present to
      us; but the grace of Advent allows us a more vivid, and
      quite new, awareness of this presence.

      Christian prayer during this period might be summed up
      in one word: "Come". It is the "Come, Lord Jesus" with
      which the Book of revelation ends. If we utter this
      call for help with sincerity and fervor, it becomes a
      true ascesis, and the hope and anticipation of the Lord
      in fact fill an increasing place in our Soul. Since the
      Lord is already in us we can think of this time as a
      period of intensification and the prayer `come' could be
      interpreted as: "Oh, let me be aware of thy presence in
      me -- may the whole world feel thy presence".

      To prepare ourselves to receive Jesus as King and Messiah,
      we must above all, during Advent, develop an attitude of
      inner obedience: may my own will no longer prevail, but
      let me rather be under orders; may he, who is stronger
      than I and whom I recognize as Master, come! The
      celebration of Jesus's birth coincides with the victory
      of light over darkness in the physical world -- from
      Christmas on, daylight lengthens. In the same way, our
      interior darkness will be dispelled by the coming of
      him who is the Light of the world. To prepare for this
      victory of light we must, during advent open ourselves
      more and more to the light "which lightens every person
      who comes into the world." We must examine ourselves
      under this inner light, and let this light "which is
      in our deepest self" guide our daily actions. We
      must live in an atmosphere of gentleness, of truth
      and of sincerity. (Excerpted from The Year of Grace
      of the Lord by a Monk of the Eastern Church)
      Ps:- Along with relaxations applied to the traditional
      fast periods. Patriarch Zakka in the 80s (Patriarchal
      Bull No. 160) reduced the fasting period to 10 days
      instead of 25 days from 15 to 25 of December.
      This was originated by Patriarch Aphrem by Bull No. 620
      dated 1952 Vrishikam 5 as per the decision of the
      3rd Holy Synod at Homes in 1946. This was re issued in
      Malankara by Mor Paulose Athanious on 1952 December 2.

      Kuriakose Corepiscopa's (Moolayil Achen) book
      "Perumpilly Thirumeni" provides the text of the
      Patriarchal Encyclicals in this regard. Please visit
      our Photo Album with MSN to view these pages on
      following links.
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