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Re: Implementaion of SC judgment and some facts

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  • CJ Varughese
    ... Dear SOCM-FORUM Members, This is just a rejoinder to Brother Jacob George s posting in Digest Number 731 regarding Implementation of SC judgement and some
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 9, 2003
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      >each and every one of us. But are we responding
      > like

      > because you are not my sheep, as I said unto you.
      > listen to verses 26 and 27. �But you believe not,
      > My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they
      > follow me� Before going to details let us read verse
      > 14 together with vs. 27. Our Lord tried to convince
      > that He is the Messiah whom they were waiting for.
      > But they could not understand. So our Lord is telling,

      Dear SOCM-FORUM Members,

      This is just a rejoinder to Brother Jacob George's
      posting in Digest Number 731 regarding Implementation
      of SC judgement and some facts.

      Yes, IOC has everything, money, mussle, power, manorama,
      dozens of methrans without any devine call, but of methrans
      for fashion and show. What they lack is the knowledge
      about human mind. Even after 9 decades of planned mission
      they could not won the hearts of Syrian Christians. There
      is nothing for us to worry, they have to worry. They
      claim the SC verdict is in their favour, not only in 1995,
      in 1958 also they had. What did they achieve? Nothing.

      I remember the advice given to us by the then Patriarchal
      Delegate (now Mor Samuel Yesu Athanasious of US)before his
      departure from this country. The occasion was a small
      reception given to his honour by our Church (Mor Ignatious
      Jacobite Syrian Church, Vazhamuttom East, Mallassery) some
      time in 1971 or so.

      Becuase of the court ruling we could not hold the function
      in our church, but organised it in our Vicar's residence.
      In His Grace's reply, HG told us, "why you should worry.
      They can only take away the church buildings, not your
      hearts. For conducting a Holy Qurbana you do not need a
      Church building. Our ancestors in the dark days of our
      Church History have conducted the Holy Qurbana in caves
      and forests, and thereby they could kept alive our faith.
      Nobody can prevent you in conducting the Holy Qurbana in
      such way."

      In essence what he wanted to tell us was that "even if
      we loose our church buildings, to keep alive our faith,
      we also can have these alternatives". Really it was a
      touching sermon given away by the Delegate, and it was a
      moral boosting for us, a few household surrounded by the
      IOC people in the southern part of Kerala.

      The sense of unity and security felt at that time is still
      keeping alive in our minds. The then Vicar and our shepherd
      is still our leader, he is Rev. Fr. P.J. Joseph Palathumpadikkal.
      He has been honoured with Corepiscopate recently.

      I have been informed by Rev. Fr. Joseph last week that,
      during this Annual Feast (Perunal) of our Church
      (Dec. 6-9, 2003) our Chatholicose and all other Metropolitan
      will be given a rousing reception in our church. The grand
      reception is planned in the middle of 3-4 IOC churches.
      We have got that much faith in our Moran (Mor Ignatious
      Dukhrono, the third successor of St. Peter in the Holy Throne
      of Antioch), in whose name our church is being consecrated.
      Incidently there is a potrait in our Church of this Moran
      surrounded with roaring lions). This potrait inspire us
      every time.

      The IOC may or may not succeed in snatching away our churches.
      Why should worry too much on it. Kerala is known as God's
      Own Country, having numorous trees and caves, roads and
      playgrounds. Let us be united, and crystal clear in our
      faith. By each and every action of the IOC, let our heart
      be polished brighter and brighter in our faith.

      Yours in Christ's love,
      CJ Varughese
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