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Implementaion of SC judgment and some facts

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  • Jacob George Jacob
    It has become a fashion in orthodox faction circles asking for the immediate execution of the 1995 Supreme Court verdict. This has started since the Parumala
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 6, 2003
      It has become a fashion in orthodox faction circles
      asking for the immediate execution of the 1995 Supreme
      Court verdict. This has started since the Parumala
      meeting of the opposite faction held in 2002. But if
      there is any substance in this argument that the
      Government is not implementing the so called Supreme
      Court judgment, then the legal procedure is to file
      they are not doing it. Instead they go on complaining
      that the Govt is not implementing the SC judgment;
      it is only a tactical move to force the Govt. to
      execute the authority of their Catholicose over the
      parish churches through back doors. This is said to
      be under the advice of their senior counsels.
      The only alternative according to experts is to get
      a more precious judgment from Supreme Court regarding
      parish churches.

      I have with me a photo copy of the expert opinion of
      a former Chief Justice of India, which was sent to a
      top official in Kottayam Malayala Manorama Office in
      Oct 2002 as per the request of the Devolokam Catholicate
      office. It says that our constitution of 2002 is cent
      percent valid and also that there is nothing wrong if
      a parish Church decide to withdraw from the 1934
      constitution and join another association. This is
      exactly what the Kerala High Court has also emphasized
      in its last judgment.

      So as said before the only alternative is to forcibly
      implement the authority of Catholicose through any means.
      It is for this they are pressurizing the Sate Govt.

      Since the government is fully aware of all these,
      until now they haven’t fall into the trap of Methran
      Kakshi. But some UDF partners are pressurizing the
      government to act illegally. Their (Methran factions)
      simple theory is that once the Jacobites are evacuated
      from a property, then those who have been overthrown
      could regain it only through court which may take a
      long time and by the mean time they hope to hijack a
      large group from the Jacobite Church to their side.
      It is with this motive the Methran Kakshi are fighting
      out in churches like Elanadu, Erukkinchira etc. where
      they have the support of only the priests who switched
      sides after 1996. Actually all these churches are
      independent trusts built after 1970’s, so ultimately
      the legal backing must come in favour of the Jacobites.
      But it may take time. A somewhat similar situation
      exists in the other churches also.

      To implement their hidden agenda Methran Kakshi has
      now approached the state revenue minister K M Mani.
      It has now become an open secret that he and Joseph
      M Puthussery, a Mani Congress MLA from Kallissery,
      is trying to help Methran Kakshi through backdoors.
      Mani’s ultimate aim is to somehow make win his
      candidate in the Tiruvalla election due for next
      month. But when proceeding with this, Mani forgets
      that out of the 37000 votes claimed by the Orthodox
      faction in Tiruvalla constituency, a sizeable section
      belongs to that of Knanities and Jacobites, and those
      who left the orthodox faction to join various
      Pentecostal churches.

      So now the time has come for our Church leadership
      to explain everything in public and to take appropriate
      decisions without any delay.

      Jacob George Jacob
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