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40 % overpowering the majority with money power ?

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  • Mathew Varkey
    Through the recent political moves by the Opposite Orthodox faction, they seem to gain an upperhand with the Politicians inspite of the fact that this rebel
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2003
      Through the recent political moves by the Opposite
      Orthodox faction, they seem to gain an upperhand
      with the Politicians inspite of the fact that this
      rebel group forms only around 40 % of Malankara People.
      (This is not withstanding the fact that the reputation
      of their Church has gone below any bench mark). In
      these circumstances if our Church fails to convince
      the politicians and others, then there may arouse a
      tendency, in which the government will support Methran
      Kakshi for political gains. We cannot blame those
      politicians alone; after all they are mere politicians.
      So it is high time that our leadership to rise and
      convince the people and the government with facts alone.

      All these days Methran kakshi people were cheating all
      by saying that they are the majority, based on the number
      of churches with them. But in reality this cannot be the
      only criterion since the majority of churches with the
      opposite faction have much less number of parishioners
      than that of the Jacobites. However through a very cunning
      process they have succeeded in convincing others that
      they are the majority by increasing the number of churches
      that participates in the Syrian Christian Association.
      The (dis) credit for this must be given to Mathews Mar
      Koorilose (present Catholicose) who took the initiative
      to convert many of the chapels and ‘Kurishum Thotties’ as
      independent churches. Others in the opposite faction
      followed the path shown by this bishop as well as some of
      his predecessors. If the Jacobites too had the cunningness
      to do what the Methran Kakshi has initiated in 1930’s, then
      the situation in Malankara Church would have been much

      Now what the Methran faction claims is that there is
      1650 odd churches in Malankara of which only 495 around
      is with the Jacobites. So according to Methran Kakshi
      the remaining 1155 churches are with them and hence they
      are the majority. Is that true ? Never !

      Take for example the number of churches in outside
      Kerala. Among the 1650 churches claimed by Methran Kakshi,
      there is only 1130 churches located in Kerala (refer the
      police protection case filed in High Court recently by
      Methran Kakshi).That means that the remaining 520 churches
      are located outside Kerala, including those located outside
      India. If we proportionally convert this list presented
      by Methran Kakshi, then it can be seen that while there
      is 31 % churches located outside Kerala, there is only 69 %
      of the churches that locates in Kerala. Now if we analyze
      the number of Church members staying in Kerala and those
      outside Kerala, then we will find that only less than
      10 % members stay outside. So is there any proportion
      with the number of people staying outside Kerala and
      number of churches they own? This alone explains how
      Methran Kakshi manipulated the election process all these
      years; they have won just by increasing the number of
      churches. Even after the 1995 SC judgment which gave a
      proportional representation upto a certain point, the
      Jacobites could not gain much as there are a very great
      number of churches in the Jacobite side with more than
      2000 families for which only a maximum of 8 representatives
      could be sent whereas Methran Kakshi churches with even 7
      (seven)members could send a minimum of 2 representatives.
      What is the justification in all this?

      Anyhow now we cannot go back to the past and change
      everything. So we must think about the future. The
      formation of the Jacobite Syrian Christian association
      was the first step; still we have to go a long way. I
      am sure one day we can expose the crooked method in
      which Methran Kakshi gained upper hand in the Church
      Association elections provided we too are ready to
      start as many new churches. It is indeed a possible

      Mathew Varkey
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