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Name change of Parumala Church

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  • Koshy George
    I am writing this letter on the basis of some news about Parumala Perunnal that came recently in English dailies such as �����The Hindu����� in which the name
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2003
      I am writing this letter on the basis of some news
      about Parumala Perunnal that came recently in English
      dailies such as ‘The Hindu’ in which the name of the
      Parumala Church is mentioned as ST.PAUL’S & ST.PETER’S
      CHURCH instead of the name ‘St.Peter’s & St.Paul’s,
      which was used by the church until 2000.

      This is not the first time I am mentioning on the same
      matter. Some of my friends in this forum too have
      pointed out about this. I am writing this again inorder
      to bring into notice how the dissident Orthodox faction
      is tactfully trying to change the track of history. In
      these reports the name of the present Parumala Church
      is mentioned as St.Paul’s & St.Peters while it is a well
      known fact that the name of the church is originally
      St.Peter’s & St.Paul’s. It was the later order that was
      used by the opposite faction until 2000. When this is
      the fact, what forced them to reverse the order of the
      name of the Saints when every church in the world uses
      the later order? Is this just to lessen the importance
      of St.Peter when compared to St.Paul ? May be they are
      trying to inject this in the minds of the newer
      generations, but whatever they do they won’t be able to
      fool all, always. Repeating a lie 1000 times may confuse
      some but it will never becomes a truth.

      These are only part of the cheap strategies followed by
      Methran Kakshi for about a century now. It is these types
      of unjustifiable and heinous attempts of this faction that
      is separating the Malankara people.

      Koshy George

      Note: What was the original name of the church ? Parumala
      Thirumeni named the church as St.Peter’s Church and
      registered the church in the name of the Patriarch of
      Antioch. The marble inscription in the tomb of the holy
      bishop, which is there even now, mentions the name of
      the church as St.Peter’s Church only.
      (visit the link:-

      It was after Parumala Thirumeni’s period the name of St.Paul
      was added. There was no objection to this name change since
      it was only another Apostles name that was added then. But
      this is not the situation now when they reverse the order of
      mentioning the name of the Apostles. If only they could
      remember that in the Christian Church hierarchy, St.Peter who
      was one among the 12 apostles of Our Lord, is above St.Paul
      and that is why the name of St.Peter is mentioned first, by
      almost all the Episcopal churches in the world, wherever the
      names of the two are mentioned together.

      Koshy George
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