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Re: Need of the Hour - A wise King like Solomon

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  • CJ Varughese
    Dear Brother Sam Abraham, This refers to your posting in Digest Number 717. If you really go deep into the Malankara Church History, you will find that the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 29, 2003
      Dear Brother Sam Abraham,

      This refers to your posting in Digest Number 717.
      If you really go deep into the Malankara Church History,
      you will find that the original split occured on account
      of control over the church properties, by the then
      Catholicos & Malankara Metropolitan and the Atmaya
      Trustees (whom were elected to handle the cash and other
      properties of our Church). Later it turned out to be
      something else. Still it is haunting us, even after a
      century or so. Then it was only for Vattippanam
      (3000 varahans - gold soverigns), and now it has come
      down to every individual churches of Malankara. The
      current leadership of IOC claim that the ownership of
      every parish churches lies with them, not with the
      parishners. This is a best example how the spiritual
      heads of an ancient church got corrupted with money
      and power. The recent hue and cry by the Parumala
      Parishoners is just an example of a later wild fire
      waiting for the current IOC leaders to face. Hope it
      will be an eye opener of the IOC leadership. If the
      Parumala Parishioners (other numerous other Parishes,
      spread all over India - it is compulsory for IOC
      Parishes to send a stipulated amount every month to
      their metropolitan) are courageous enough and obstruct
      to the misuse of the public money, I think the source
      of money to go to the SC and other for numerous cases
      will be dried for ever.

      We now need a Solomon like Emporer to have a clear
      verdict. Remember the story of the two widows and the
      child. The IOC leadership is trying to create a situation
      like the widow, whose child was dead because of her
      carelessness, and wanted to get killed the other living
      child also. One by one, numerous churches are being
      closed because of the unwarranted and unwanted entry of
      some IOC Bishops. Will we allow them to continue this.
      The wise king Solomon could smell the intention of that
      widow. The need of the hour is that we should have a King
      like Great Solomon.

      No one in Malankara dare to contest regarding St. Thomas,
      the Apostle of our Nation, and we are proud that the seed
      of Christianity sown by St. Thomas is still alive generation
      after generation. But the corrupt leaders and their advisors
      are making the life of innocent people more and more difficult
      by inculcating mistrust among people, and a great devide
      between us was created, and now it has turned into a deep
      wound of non-curable nature. Now we feel that amputation is
      the only and known alternative to cure this desease.

      I would like to suggest you to read the Malankara Saba
      Charitram written by one David Corepiscopa, Chandanappally
      (if it is accessible to you). Interestingly this David
      Corepiscopa belong to IOC). I read it in my childhood, but
      I do not have a copy of it, otherwise i would have made
      arrangements to get you a copy.

      If any of my posting hurt you or any IOC members, it was not
      intentional, but to just put light on the hidden TRUTH. The
      truth behind the split is really drifted away from its
      originality, and now lakhs of Syrian Orthodox faithfuls were
      hijacked towards another faith, which was alien to us. And
      that pain of mine turned into exhortions against those
      responsible for it.

      Be a good Orthodox faithful, as your great great grand parents.
      Do not allow others to hijack you. I will remember you in my

      Your's in His service,
      CJ Varughese
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