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Devotional thoughts for the Koodos Etho (2-10-03)

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  • Jose Kurian Puliyeril.
    Devotional thoughts for the Koodos Etho Sunday 2nd November 03. Reading: From the Gospel of St. Matthew 16: 13-23. Dear and Respected Brethren, I am sure that
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2003
      Devotional thoughts for the Koodos Etho
      Sunday 2nd November 03.

      Reading: From the Gospel of St. Matthew 16: 13-23.

      Dear and Respected Brethren,

      I am sure that the term � Koodos Etho � is familiar
      to all of us, as it is the first Sunday of our Church
      Calendar and as it�s literal meaning is �Sanctification
      of the Church�. But I would like to remind all that
      sanctification is not a new process, where as it is a
      continuation process being carried out every year.
      The Church, which was sanctified by God once
      at the beginning, is being subjected to keep the same
      freshness and purity of God�s original and first
      sanctification. As the Church remains in the world,
      our Church Fathers found it as a must to renew the
      holiness and purity.

      In the prescribed reading we hear our Lord�s question
      �who am I in your opinion�, after listening to the
      answers of the Apostles about the question about the
      public�s opinion about our Lord. The leader of the Apostles,
      St. Peter got the blessing to answer to our Lord promptly
      and reasonably, as God the Father selected him to reveal
      the truth at the proper time. As stated by Lord Jesus in
      St. Matthew 16:18, (Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will
      build my Church) the faith professed by St. Peter is the base
      of the entire Christendom. Now let us go back to the first
      day on which St. Peter met our Lord. St. John, the blessed
      apostle whom our Lord loved most, has recorded this event
      in his gospel chapter- 1:Verses 35-42. When St. Andrew (who
      was already a disciple of St. John the Baptist) met Lord Jesus,
      he recognized him as Messiah, for whom many were waiting till
      then. When we examine the Old Testament we will come to know
      that the sum and substance of it from the very beginning till
      end is the expectation of the Savior of the entire mankind.
      When Adam and Eve were forced to leave the Garden of Eden, God
      who is real love had promised to send the savior. Then and there
      started the expectation. Our Church honor St. Simeon and St. Hanna,
      as representatives of the faithful who were in expectation of the
      Savior, every year on 1st Feb. And all the disciples chosen by our
      Lord were also belonging to the group who were in expectation of
      the Savior (Messiah) So St. Andrew immediately ran to his house
      and reported the glad tidings to his elder brother Simon and brought
      him to the Lord. As soon as our Lord saw Simon, our Lord said,
      "Thou art Simon, son of Jona thou shall be called Ce-phas,
      which is by interpretation, a Stone�. (Chapter 1 Vs 42) In Aramaic,
      Arabic as well as Greek languages Ce-phas is Petros. (Rock) This
      incident is quoted here to say that all the disciples chosen by our
      Lord were the blessed people who had long expectation about the arrival
      of Messiah, the savior of mankind, even though they were fishermen by
      profession. Andrew�s words to his brother are proving this truth.

      We should not forget that our Lord is asking the same question to
      each and every one of us daily. But we all are least bothered to
      answer our Lord. In fact we are not listening the question even.
      Our Lord will continue the question to us until we confess our faith.
      We all usually get satisfied with the present style of spiritual life
      namely, going to Church regularly and attending the worships as far
      as we could etc. But in addition to all these practices, our Lord
      wants a confirmation of faith or a sort of confession from each
      faithful. We must confess the faith in our Lord like our Patron
      saints St. Peter, (who said, you are the son of God) or like
      St. Thomas(who said, My Lord and God) in St John 20:28)

      Let us try to confess the faith declared by our Patron saints daily
      in our lives. Let us accept Lord Jesus as our Lord and God.

      May God bless us all.

      Jose Kurian Puliyeril.
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