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'Malankara Reeth' a brain child of Vattaserri Thirumeni

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  • Zachariah Minnu
    Dear Mathew Varkey, Your postings on the formation of malankara reeth is cent percent true. People who without any qualms abuse anything even remotly
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 28, 2003
      Dear Mathew Varkey,

      Your postings on the formation of 'malankara reeth'
      is cent percent true.

      People who without any qualms abuse anything even
      remotly connected with RCC forget that it was their
      own leaders who had started the "punaraikya
      prasthanam" in twenties.

      mar evanious was the right hand man of vattaserri
      thirumeni all along, and vattaserri thirumeni had
      even announced in public that mar evanious was his

      Please go through the autobiography of Mar evanious
      published in "Girideepam" where you can find the
      maneourings of Vattaserri thirumeni on his trip to

      Mar evanious even hints that the main reason for the
      trip to mardin was to have discussions with the Syrian
      Catholic Patriarch and the discussion with HH the
      Syrian Orthodox Patriarch was only an eyewash to the
      laymen in malankara.

      It may also be noted that Vattaserri thirumeni never
      denounced Mar evanious for deserting the church. When
      lay leaders of 'metran faction' met vattaserri thirumeni
      in old seminary and forced vattaserri to issue a 'kalpana'
      denouncing mar evanious for desertion and extalling
      the laymen of the church not to be cheated by mar
      evanious, Vattaserri thirumeni replied in the negative.
      Even after much pressure Vattaserri thirumeni replied that
      he is never going to denounce mar evanious for what he
      have done.

      I can challenge any body in IOC to produse any proof
      of Vattaserri thirumeni denouncing mar evanious. Even
      in private he acted as if mar evanious had his blessings.

      The fact is Vattaserri thirumeni was keeping his options
      open. If in future the Court case went against him he
      wanted to proceed with his initial plans.

      ((Till before the 'mardin yatra' of vattaserri thirumeni
      we were winning the court cases. Sir C P Ramaswamy (later
      divan of Travancore)was our advocate till then. C P,who
      was a leading lawyer of madras high court was first
      brought to Travancore/Cochin by us, and it may be noted
      that for all cases in which C P appeared we had won. But
      by fate C P became the Divan of Travancore and hence
      relinquished our vakalath. We started loosing from then.))

      You only have to check geographically where 'reeth'
      exists to get a clear picture. Malankara Reeth could
      get a foothold only in places where the erstwhile
      'metran faction' was very strong. 'Reeth' is a nobody
      where the 'Bava faction' was strong.

      The truth is that the leadership of 'metran faction'
      had softpeddled the whole 'reeth' issue, because they
      thought that 'reeth' would come handy in future.

      And these same people now start shivering on hearing

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