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Re: An appeal to brothers & sisters

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  • Mike
    Dear Mr. Sam, ... I will agree with you on one point, that the problem is regarding power. An institution of power is money. Please let me ask you some
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 27, 2003
      Dear Mr. Sam,

      > The whole problem I believe is for power. The Antioch
      > wanted to have power over the Indian Church. If they
      > followed teachings of Christ, they would long ago have
      > withdrawn fully from Malankara church affairs and given
      > freedom to run our own Indian church founded by St. Thomas
      > saying that "I am God's humble servant, and what I have
      > done is only my duty". But it did not happen and I
      > believe that's why problems started.

      I will agree with you on one point, that the problem is
      regarding power. An institution of power is money.

      Please let me ask you some questions. Who told you that
      "Antioch wants to have power over the Indian Church?"
      Do you honestly believe this deep in your heart? Do you
      believe that the Syriac fathers who abandoned their lives
      in their homeland to serve India, and die in India, want
      power over the Indian Christians? I believe such an
      assertion is illogical.

      Why do you look and see differences in human beings
      (Indian vs. non-Indian)? If you are a servant, as Christ
      commanded, why does it matter if your spiritual heirarch
      sits outside of India?

      You are aware that the SOC in India has its own Catholicate
      and Indian administration correct?

      How has India benefited from the creation of the IOC?

      > St. Thomas came to India and St. Peter went to Antioch.
      > Both went for the same purpose. Both conveyed our Lord's
      > message that "He who is greatest among you shall be your
      > servant". (If everyone followed His words, we wouldn't
      > have had any of the problems).

      This is not a battle between St. Peter and St. Thomas, and
      I really wish the IOC would not present it as such. Yes,
      St. Peter has a special place in the history of the Christian
      faith, as does St. Thomas. I hope that you understand that
      India is part of the East, and as such is confirmed by the
      earlier councils, that it comes under Antioch. If a
      community of Christians in the East needs to grow beyond
      this relationship with Antioch, then fine, no problem. This
      is what eventually happened with Armenia and Cyprus. The
      formation of the IOC however, was usurped by a few individuals
      led by Vattasaril the apostate. The movement began without
      merit and was dubious from its beginnings. As such, the IOC
      is no longer Orthodox, but a Protestant sect which worships
      like Syriac Orthodox Christians.

      Did the great Syrian Orthodox saint Mar Gregorios of Parumala
      confess allegiance to India or a line of succession to
      St. Thomas? You can read his Salmoosa online. Mar Gregorios
      confessed obedience to Antioch--not out of pride in Antioch,
      but out of loving humility. Does this loving humility exist
      within the IOC today? Why does the IOC refuse to join the
      rest of the Orthodox world in council to solve this issue?
      Why does it leave it to the secular courts of India?

      > If a group
      > of people still thinks they will be Christians only if
      > HH the Patriarch is their supreme spiritual leader, and
      > one apostle is superior to another (against what Jesus
      > taught) I don't think anybody can stop them.

      Do you honestly believe that we Jacobites believe such a
      thing? HH Mar Ignatyos Iwas Zakka is my spiritual leader
      until America receives its own Catholicos--and even then,
      the Patriarch of Antioch would still be given honor and
      respect. I am a Jacobite, and I do not believe in such
      "supremacy." I accept St. Peter's role in Christendom,
      as do I St. Thomas's, St. Bartholomew's, St. Addai's,
      St. Mattias, St. Paul's, etc. Further, I confess the Holy
      faith of the councils of Nicea, Constantinople, and Ephesus.
      Can the same be said of the IOC?

      > (I am not for any argument, as I don't think I am qualified
      > or knowledgeable for that. Please let me know your views
      > in a rather calm and friendly language so that it will be
      > interesting to read and I could learn more).

      Then I believe you need to question what you are being taught
      by the IOC. They are either repeating falsehoods that they
      have heard about us, or they are being deceptive. Please
      reflect upon this in prayer.

      Wishing you the best,
      Mike FI, CA
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