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  • Babu Maracheril
    Dear Brothers in Jesus Christ, May I refer and respond to the opinion posted by Mr. Thomas P on Subject: TRUE FAITH MAINTAINED BY PROPER MATRIMONY - (full text
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 26, 2003
      Dear Brothers in Jesus Christ,

      May I refer and respond to the opinion posted by
      Mr. Thomas P on Subject: TRUE FAITH MAINTAINED
      (full text is quoted for your ready reference)

      >Inter-marriage between two sections of Malankara
      >Orthodox Church (or Orthodox Malankara Church),
      >is not the problem. But when girls are married
      >to other churches, which do not keep same traditions,
      >they are no longer part of the Church which believes
      >in the three Ecumenical Councils. So, there has
      >to be a common database for two sections of
      >Malankara Church (Orthodox and Jacobite) to find
      >suitable life partners for people in the future.

      The first line it self is our biggest problem. It (IOC)
      is not one of the two sections of Malankara Orthodox
      Church - For Most of the Real Jacobites, who honor
      the Orders of their Holy Fathers, cannot accept IOC
      as a Church or a section of MOC nor go into an alliance
      with them - because IOC is technically ex-communicated
      by the valid and canonical orders of HH the Patriarch.
      I am not referring to people who conduct marriages of
      convenience �C but I do mention here about those who
      conduct Holy Matrimony, yes; those who believe that
      Holy Matrimony is one of the 7 Holy Sacraments of
      the Church.

      On the other hand HH the Patriarch and The Pope of
      RCC have given official consent to their subjects
      to have mutual alliance through Holy Matrimony, so
      we prefer and have to prefer RCC to IOC. Some
      Jacobite priests discourage and even refuse to
      conduct marriages which extraditing our girls
      into oblivion. My personal opinion is that: such
      a marriage is suicidal. I have heard girls lamenting
      of that. Any way I will not marry off my daughter to
      IOC when my senses are on, will until unless our
      Holy Highness issue a new order revoking the
      "Mudakku Kalpana" and re-instating the status of IOC
      as real Christians. We all know that it is because of
      the anti-church activities that H.H detached that
      rebellious faction from the Church. So how can we
      send our girls into such a ( I do believe that they
      are non-Christians; as long as the Mudakku Kalpana
      is valid ) faction ? Dear Mr. Thomas! We have only
      one father. If we write, approve, agree and sign a
      Constitution and byelaw that HH the Patriarch of Antioch
      is the Supreme Head of the Universal Syrian Orthodox
      Church, we will keep calling him our Father. There is
      no force that can stop us from that. We are not THAT
      people who dis-honor the real father and call some one
      else father for convenience, profit and due to (church)
      political pressure. I really pity on them. Very
      unfortunately, I don't know how is it possible to make
      you understand the honor and prestige of getting a chance
      to call the real father as father. As our fore-fathers
      that it is our duty and responsibility to honor the word
      of our fore-father; sorry Mr. Thomas, we cannot forsake
      the orders of our Holy Fathers.

      We can prefer and suggest preparing a data base of our
      boys and girls who have reached the age of marriage and
      who are looking to Holy Matrimony; (of course excluding IOC)
      with secondary consideration list of RCC. This Data base
      is to be prepared in Parish, Diocese and District wise
      under the supervision of the Parish Priests and centralized
      through our Diocesan Secretaries, printed and to be
      circulated to all churches. Special care has to be taken
      that this manual should not fall into un-wanted hands.
      Monthly or quarterly updating can be done. And we can
      insist that the beneficiaries to bear the printing costs
      of such a directory.

      Directory may contain a code number and the Picture of
      the proposed, Education and Job status and residing country,
      their preferences etc . And when some family in interested
      in a particular case, they can contact the other family
      through the central office.

      More practical, solid and relevant ideas are there to
      come up from our Clergy and think heads.

      Yours truly in Jesus Christ
      Babu Maracheril
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