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The whole problem I believe is for power- Sam Abraham

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  • Jacob George Jacob
    Dear Sam Abraham, Your suggestion to divide the disputed properties seems to be a very practical solution in the present context. At the same time you have
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 25, 2003
      Dear Sam Abraham,

      Your suggestion to divide the disputed properties
      seems to be a very practical solution in the present
      context. At the same time you have expressed your
      apprehension over the division in the Church. That’s
      good. But I also have certain objections to some of
      the remarks made by you, particularly "The whole
      problem I believe is for power. The Antioch
      wanted to have power over the Indian Church. …….
      But it did not happen and I believe that's why
      problems started."

      Actually these types of remarks, though in different
      tones, are made by both the factions. No one can blame
      any of them as this is what they came to believe from
      their birth. Or, to be frank, they are injected like
      these by their seniors. It is the lack of confidence
      between both the factions which leads to such
      statements. Anyhow since these opinions are old one,
      let’s leave it behind and think about the present
      happenings in the Malankara Church.

      Hope you are aware of the Manarcad Church issue that
      happened about a year ago. Who were the culprits then?
      In this Manarcad Church as all knows, there are only
      the Jacobite Syrian Christians. Even the most extremist
      Malankara Orthodox member may not have a second opinion.
      When this is the fact, then what was the need for a
      Church supremo like Catholicose Mathews II Bava to
      declare that he is going to enter the church? For
      that H.H. even went to the extend requesting for police
      protection. A case was given in High Court. Hope you
      remember that all these tension were created on the eve
      of "Ettunoimbu Perunnal". All these days the disappointed
      Jacobite Christians were praying and praying. But the
      other section avoided seeing it.

      It was not only the Jacobites who were against this forced
      entry, but the entire Kerala people. But still Catholica
      Baselius Mathews II bava proceeded. By the sake of
      ‘Manarcad Amma’ nothing happened then. But the related
      case continues (in Supreme Court) even after the High Court
      dismissed the plea of Catholicose Mathews II bava and other
      bishops under him. Between last September and January
      (till HC judgment), many other parallel petitions were
      submitted in court by Mathews II Bava requesting for
      police protection in at least seven major churches of
      the Jacobite Syrians. Lakhs of rupees have been given to
      advocates by Malankara Orthodox faction to get police
      protection. An equivalent amount was spend by the Jacobite
      Syrian Christians inorder to defend their rights.

      The most astonishing part of all these was, when the
      Catholicose submitted an urgent petition in HC in 2002
      December, seeking police protection to enter the above said
      Jacobite Churches during CHRISTMAS week itself. Bava’s
      statement was that he wants to preach peace in these Jacobite
      Churches, particularly in that Christmas week itself.

      Catholicose Mathews II bava being a spiritual person full of
      prayers and peace could have avoided such a situation. These
      are only mere facts that are still pending before our own eyes.

      So let me conclude this letter by repeating the comment made
      This is the fact.

      Love and prayers
      Jacob George
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