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  • Zachariah Minnu
    Dear Dn George Mathew, The said posting is not from any single source. Rather i have compiled it with whatever limited knowledge i have from reading scores of
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 22, 2003
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      Dear Dn George Mathew,

      The said posting is not from any single source.
      Rather i have compiled it with whatever limited
      knowledge i have from reading scores of books.
      ( As i have told iam an ordinary layman without
      any exposure to "theology")

      Those books include Syrian Orthodox Publications,
      RCC publications, some translations of Byzantine
      publications and of course IOC publications.

      I have arrived at my own conclusions with my limited
      knowledge, without any direct quotes from any of the

      If you can point out exactly where you disagree with
      me on that posting then of course i can furnish you
      with the authenticity.

      I dont think that it will be feasible to send all
      proofs on that posting through the forum. As such the
      posting itself was very long and i thank the
      moderators for publishing it and all those who could
      spend time in reading it.

      If your doubt is regarding the "orthodox grouping" i
      have given, then you only have to look around. You can
      find for yourself if that grouping exists.

      You can see the "Oriental Orthodox" churches existing
      as a family. ( Of course IOC acts as if its a distant
      cousin).They are in interaction all the time,
      following the same faith and in total communion. You
      can see for yourself that non of the Oriental Orthodox
      Churches is in total Communion with any of the
      Byzantine or East Syrian or Assyrian Churches.

      Same way the Byzantine orthodox Churches have their
      own interaction, where IOC is never called. You cant
      find fault with them because as far as they are
      concerned IOC belongs to the Oriental Orthodox group
      with which they are not in communion.

      Same is the situation with the Assyrian Churches. IOC
      is never part of any dialogue between the Assyrian

      Now "friendly" visits from Assyrian or Byzantine
      churches should not be mistaken for communion. As I
      have said in my last posting the visit of "ecuminacal
      patriarch" from a Byzantine church to IOC churches
      itself proves my argument. The "ecuninacal patriarch"
      never bothered to conduct mass in any IOC church. He
      conducted mass in an Assyrian/East Syrian church in
      ernakulam with which his church is in communion.

      It should also be said that IOC too didn�t allow the
      "ecuminacal patriarch" to have any role in the mass
      conducted in parumala church. The "ecumenical
      patriarch" was just a bystander.

      The fact is a majority of the theologians in IOC
      doesn�t want anything to do with East
      Syrian/Assyrian/Byzantine Churches.

      Its because of the difference regarding the faith of
      the church.

      But a minority group of "theologians" with the help
      of the ruling "caucus" wants to tie the IOC in
      Byzantine/Assyrian stable for their own reasons.

      And its against them my posting is directed.

      It�s a fact that the a vast majority of laymen and
      priests of IOC want to remain in true faith. But
      without even their knowledge they are led to a faith
      they don�t know anything about.

      The simple reason why the Oriental Orthodox Churches
      doesn�t have communion with the Byzantine and
      Assyrian/East Syrian Churches is because of the
      Chalcedonian Synod. Where the twin nature of Christ
      was accepted by the Eastern church and the See of

      Now there may be some "theologians" who ask what is
      wrong with the Chalcedonian Creed??

      You being a Dn can answer that question better than

      For those who may not be clear on the Chalcedonian

      The Synod decided that the Christ is having "twin"
      nature. ie along with the "godly" nature Christ also
      have "human nature".

      Iam not going into details. But for those who have
      read "The Last Temptation Of Christ" by Kazantzakis it
      will be easy to understand. The author was born in a
      Byzantine Orthodox Church and was a practicing
      Byzantine Orthodox layman. He have compiled a thousand
      page fiction on what ever came to his mind as a kid.

      So, if for some there is nothing wrong in Chalcedonian
      faith let it be.

      But why should they lead an unsuspecting community
      into this trap??

      Already there are signs that there is change in
      thinking in some of the layman of IOC. Days back one
      member of the IOC forum wrote that he would "love to
      be part of Byzantine Orthodox Churches"

      The simple truth is that this member doesnt know what
      is the Byzantine Faith and what is the faith of the
      Oriental Orthodox Churches of which his own Church is
      a part.

      Out of his ignorence only he has started loving the
      Byzantine churches.

      But dont be surprised, if tomorrow this ignorence
      leads him to a pentacostal church.


      PS: Dear dn, rather than the source of my posting, you
      should be more worried about the contents of my
      posting. Can you point out where you disagree in my
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