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Accused in Staines Murder admits...

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    Accused admits torching Staines vehicle New Indian Express 2nd Feb 2002   BHUBANESWAR: In a significant development in the triple murder of Australian
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      Accused admits torching Staines' vehicle
      New Indian Express 2nd Feb 2002
      BHUBANESWAR: In a significant development in the triple murder of Australian missionary Graham Stuart Staines and his two sons, Mahendra Hembrum, one of the accused in the killing, confessed before the trial court that he had torched the Staines' vehicle.
      As cross_examination of key prosecution witness Joseph Marandi came to an end on Friday, Mahendra, standing in the court dock along with twelve other accused including Dara Singh, suddenly drew the court's attention stating that he had torched the vehicle in which the Staines' were sleeping on the night of January 22_23, 1999, in front of the Church at Manoharpur in Keonjhar district.
      Mahendra also handed over a written statement to the court stating that he knew the entire incident and wanted to tell the details before the trial court.
      While reserving the hearing on Mahendra's confession, trial judge MN Patnaik directed the accused to give a fresh statement on Saturday. The court also ruled that the statement of the accused will be recorded under Section 164 of the Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC).
      Observing that the confession by the accused during trial has legal implications, the trial court directed that Mahendra should be segregated from other accused in the jail in the next 24 hours and kept in a separate cell so that he was not influenced in writing his statement.
      While prosecution counsel K Sudhakar appealed the trial court to record Mahendra's confession, defence counsel Shyamananda Mohapatra said this is an attempt to bring in an approver which is not permissible under the law. The defence will make a written appeal
      before the court on Saturday.

      One would recall the Gandhi murder case,which is believed to have been carrried out at the behest of Vinayak Damodar Savarkar,the father of modern Hindutva and president of
      the Hindu Mahasabha.Savarkar was a co-accused in the murder but was let free because his disciple Godse (some hindutva groups/sites call him father of the nation!) swore that he alone was responsible and no one else was and that Savarkar,his mentor,guru and philiosopher
      had nothing to do with it.Thus the real conspirator escaped due to the lack of evidence.
      Hindutva's operation in those days were not much different from today.Godse,who was a swayamsevak (RSS member) was associated with Hindu Mahasabha. He created the Hindurashtra Dal , the armed terrorist hindu nazi group (equivalent of today's Bajrangdal). His outfit was so formed so that RSS and the other hindutva outfits of the day could not be linked to the Hindurashtra Dal and the Gandhi murder case.
      Today we have Dara Singh,the person who is supposed to be the conspirator in the brutal incineration of out martyr Staines and his little children facing trial.Dara Singh,has not
      hidden his motives against the Christian missionaries and has warned that they will not be allowed to walk free. His outfit the hindu terrorist Dara Sena tried to field him as a candidate in the Uttar Pradesh elections.
      The implications of the confession of Mahendra,an accused cannot be evaluated at this stage without more details. [According to the Indian laws,even if a person makes a confession to a murder,trial will still be conducted and if the evidence is to the contrary,he will be acquitted.]
      In the Gandhi murder trial,one of the accused turned an approver [ he testifies against the co-accused and helps the prosecution] ,however Godse's testimony to the effect that Savarkar was not responsible let the real culprit go scot free.

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