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Re:The Maphrian and the Catholikos

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  • Alex Jojo Joseph
    Dear All, Whatever IOC say and preach is what they believe.As far as a JSOC memeber is concerned,history of our Catholicate in Malankara is as follows:
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 8, 2003
      Dear All,

      Whatever IOC say and preach is what they believe.As
      far as a JSOC memeber is concerned,history of our
      Catholicate in Malankara is as follows:


      Orthodox Church in Persia that continued to be under
      the Syriac Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch & all the
      East, got reorganized under St. Ya`qub Burdono and
      installed St. Ahudemmeh as 'The Great Metropolitan of
      the East', but he too experienced it difficult to
      discharge his ecclesiastical duties smoothly. However
      by the 7th century the situation changed for better
      which finally led to the formation of an office of the
      'Maphrianate of the East� at Tigrit (Tagrit).

      In AD 629, Patriarch of Antioch and all the East
      elevated St. Marutha (Marooso) as the first MAPHRIYONO
      OF THE EAST for the rejuvenated Syrian Orthodox
      (Jacobite) Church in Persia. Later the centre of the
      Maphrianate was shifted to St.Mathew�s Dayro in the
      city of Mosul in Iraq and continued there till the
      middle of 19th century. In 1860 the office of
      Maphrianate was abolished as per the decision of the
      Syrian Orthodox Church Synod held at Deyrul'alZafran
      Monastery (Kurkumo Dayro) under Patriarch Ignatius
      Ya`qub II. The same was re-established in India in
      1964 by the Universal Synod held at Kottayam, presided
      by Patriarch Mor Ignatius Ya`qub III. From the days of
      the establishment of this Maphriyanate in India, the
      Church started to officially use the title �Catholicos
      of the East� and his jurisdiction was limited to India
      in the East. In 2002 the office of the Maphrianate was
      renamed as �Catholicose of India� in accordance with
      its actual jurisdiction. Present headquarters of this
      ancient Maphrianate/Catholicate of the Syrian Orthodox
      Church is at Puthencuriz, Cochin, with Catholicose Mor
      Baselios Thomas I as the Chief of the Church in India.


      AND its absolutely none of our business to figure out
      what the hell was established at Kottayam in 1912
      When we try to understand IOC's present stance about
      our new Bishop,we can feel the differences in openion
      among them.Or are they trying hard to digest the fact
      that now JSOC is growing in faith and
      spirituality?Reading this along with an earlier mail
      to the forum,regarding the acceptance of judgement,we
      can once again see that age-long IOC tactic of showing
      a white flag on one side and keen to attack by other
      side .Hey dear,please go through the attached news
      article,where your respected Fr.M O John comments on
      JSOC's new Bishop...and judge yourself and your stance
      along with IOC stance.Remember once again that IOC
      never starts and end in Kollam Koorilose/Kottayam
      Catholica/Devalokam Maphriyan/Patriarch of
      Kottayam..whatever it is..count the odd ones too!


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      P on the Consecration
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