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The Maphrian and the Catholikos – Thomas P’s arguments

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  • Koshy George
    This letter is based on a posting in IOIF by Thomas P on the Consecration of a new Bishop by H.B.Baselios Thomas I. Here he, as usual, appears to be so much
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2003
      This letter is based on a posting in IOIF by Thomas P on the Consecration
      of a new Bishop by H.B.Baselios Thomas I. Here he, as usual, appears to
      be so much worried on everything the Jacobite Church do. I can’t understand
      why these people worry so much on our Church and its traditions when they
      have their own problems like Fr.M O John issue, Yuhanon Ramaban issue,
      Toronto Church issue, corruption issue, power struggle to their
      Catholicose-post etc..

      Earlier this Thomas P and others of IOC were saying that Catholicose
      Baselios Thomas I do not have the powers to ordain a bishop, but when it
      happened he is now shifting to other arguments (as usual). Now he says
      the Catholicate is degraded to a post of Maphrianate as the Catholicose
      sought the permission of the supreme head of the Church, the Patriarch
      before the consecration. According to this neo-historian, Maphrian belongs
      to a grade below the Catholicose. How dare could he say like this when his
      own church consider the present Catholicose Mathews II of his group as a
      successor of the same Maphrians who were within the Syrian orthodox
      patriarchate of Antioch and all the east. An IOC web site on the Catholicate
      says (http://www.malankara.org/catholicose.htm), “The headquarters of the
      Church was first in Edessa in Persia. This was moved to Selucia, then to
      Tigris and Musal. It was transferred and restored in Malankara, India
      in 1912.”

      Certainly the above mentioned catholicate in Tigris in Musal is the
      maphriante. It is in line with this, the early IOC historians said that
      a Maphrian is a continuance of the Catholicose. And Thomas P now says that
      Maphrian is below Catholicose. If he belives so, then it has to be accepted
      that Devalokam catholicate is under the Syrian Orthodox Patriarch.

      Now look on for another link from IOC church -
      http://www.indianorthodoxchurchabudhabi.com/orthodoxchurch.htm , which
      says: “Meanwhile the church in Persia and much of west Asia declined by
      internal causes and the impact of Islam, affecting both the Nestorian
      Patriarchate of the East (Babylon) and the Jacobite Catholicate of the East
      (Tigris). As will be seen from the later history of the Indian Church, the
      latter was re-established in India (Kottayam) in 1912 while the former was
      transplanted to America in 1940.”

      Here again a IOC web site is mentioning that it is the Jacobite Catholicate
      of Tigris which is reestablished in Kottayam. And it is well known that
      Catholicate mentioned here is the Maphrian of the Jacobites. So if Thomas P
      still claims that his Catholicose has nothing to do with the Maphrian of
      tigris, I feel very sorry.

      Dear Thomas P, please don’t try to spread hatred among the brothers. It would
      be good for all of us if you could realize even at this moment that what you
      write and preach is not good for unity. Unity will never happen unless an
      atmosphere for peaceful coexistence is allowed atleast in the near future.
      Aggressions or ambition on other people’s belongings will only increase the
      enmity. So dear friends, Lets all pray for the end of satanic influence in
      Malankara Church.

      Koshy George
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