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"Peace Initiatives" (again??)

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  • Zachariah Minnu
    Dear all, In an ideal situation, the patriarch and HH Mathews II should set up committees�������������. Rev Dn George Mathew(Digest no 693) Old habits die
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2003
      Dear all,

      "In an ideal situation, the patriarch and HH Mathews
      II should set up committees�����."

      Rev Dn George Mathew(Digest no 693)

      "Old habits die hard"

      It seems Rev Dn have addressed HH The Patriarch as
      "the patriarch" by mistake. (Probably its another
      mistake that he have addressed IOC catholicose as "HH
      Mathews II" in the same breath.)

      Anyway iam sure that rev dn would not have done it on
      purpose because there had been some long postings from
      the dn earlier on the need to respect each others

      It seems some people have got up from their sleep only
      now to talk on the need to have unity among the two

      Probably they are in the dark on the results of the
      "dialogues" conducted earlier. I can point out atleast
      20 peace initiatives which took place in the last
      century. Starting from the peace initiatives by HH
      Ignatious Elias the third at Kuruppampady, alwaye, and
      panampady. Then there was the "Alwaye dialogue" later.
      Then there was the "Chingavanam round table
      conference", then there was the "palampadom
      initiaive", to name only a few.

      All of those efforts fell through because IOC was not
      sincere in having peace.

      In late seventees there was a peace initiative led by
      the then Chief Minister of Kerala.It was decided by
      the two factions to have a permanant settlement in the
      presence of the Chief Minister.

      But what happened??

      IOC in the middle of the night changed their word
      given to one of the most respected politicians ever
      born in kerala.

      When the other church leaders offered to mediate, it
      was IOC which declined.

      Any peace initiative taken during the course of the
      last one century have fallen apart only because of the
      stubborness of IOC.

      For them "peace" means the unilateral acceptance of
      their catholicose and 34 by the jacobites.

      And every time their stuation is bad they start
      chanting "peace", only to confuse the jacobites.

      Any peace brokered with out attending to the "core
      issues" will fall apart.

      If we look into the basic differences in the
      community, it centers around two points.

      1) The role of HH the Patriarch in malankara.....We
      believe that HH the Patriarch have the central role in
      the affairs of malankara. HH The Patriarch can never
      be tied down by any constitution. The extend of
      spiritual power of HH the Patriarch will be decided
      by the Holy See and not by anybody in malankara.

      2)Independence of Parish Churches.... The parish
      churches will be governed by the parishers. There can
      be no "undue" interference from the diocese or the
      church with regards to the affairs of the parish. The
      ownership of the parish churches are with the

      So if a settlement can be reached on the above two
      then probably there is scope of finding that elusive

      But IOC will never agree on the above.

      Without accepting the above two there wont be any
      settlement from the jacobite side.

      And if by any chance there is a "forced" unity, it
      wont last long.

      We have the experience of 58, when IOC was not sincere
      in the peace process. And peace in 58 was made without
      addressing the core issues.

      Early 59 saw the formation of "Antiocian Syrian
      Movement", when it became clear to the jacobites that
      IOC was not sincere on peace efforts. In no time the
      movement had spread all along especially in the
      northern dioceses. It was purely a lay organization
      initially, but still it achieved its goals almost a
      decade later. ( iam always proud that my grandfather
      was one of the founder members of the movement)

      So nothing can be achieved by mere lipservice on
      "peace".or even by "writing letters" to bishops.

      There should be a definite plan on the future course
      without which there will be more confusions.

      The time before the parumala association was the best.
      But IOC shied away thinking that they will get
      everything from supreme court.


      PS: And dear Dn, one more doubt. Dont you see any role
      for IOC in the peace process. If so, you should
      definitly involve them also, atleast by writing in the
      IOC forum. Try to speak to the IOC leadership. Militioses
      and karakens will eat you alive.(but if your idea was only
      to confuse jacobites,then best wishes)
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