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Re: [SOCM-FORUM] Digest Number 695

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  • Varugese C J
    Dear SOCM-FORUM Members, This refers to Mr. Jose Kurian s rejoinder to Rev. Fr. Juriakose Moolayil. First of all, it s not correct that we should accept the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 11, 2003
      Dear SOCM-FORUM Members,

      This refers to Mr. Jose Kurian's rejoinder to Rev. Fr. Juriakose

      First of all, it's not correct that we should accept the current
      unrest in our Malankara church as a factional fight. Can we call
      the current scenario as a fight between two factions of the
      Malankara Church. In the early 20th century it was a factional
      fight. Mr. Kurian the river has flown too much, and now it
      is not a fight between two factions of the same church. You might
      have seen such fights in majority of our churches, wherein there
      is no difference in our basic faith. How can we call now it as
      two factional fights. The IOC has reversed the factional fight
      to some other way. There is nothing common left with the IOC
      and its current agenda. Without understanding their hidden agenda,
      in the name of peace and christian love we tried to patch-up the
      differences, for which ultimately we were the suffers. The IOC is
      trying to pounce upon you to have their last kill of the true faith,
      for which, it seems to me that we should not be a party.

      If you see the plight of lot of churches in south, where the JSC
      members had a majority, is now either under the IOC control, or
      else the churches are closed or under the court receivers
      administration. Whereas, none of the IOC churches were never
      closed or under court receivers administration. Why? Think about

      The early 20th century factional fights (then it was a factional
      fight, not now) scores of our people left our church and came
      under RCC as separate Reeth, and thereby in most of our southern
      churches the JSC members became minority, and thus the IOC
      faction got a high handedness. Whereever such foul play could
      not be succeeded, they succeeded in either closing down the church
      through fake court cases. Now, in this twentyfirst century the same
      old story is repeating one by one in north Kerala also. Wait and see.

      The IOC have succeeded in launching their Indian brand of Orthodox
      Church, for which they will find support by crook or hook, and they
      will succeed in annihiliating you and a humiliating defeat is kept
      in store for us, because with us there are lot of peace lovers, who
      are ready to compromise with any kind of understanding in the name of
      humanity and broad-minded way of approach.

      Once the marketers of the IOC have their eye on the most promising
      future segments, they will rethink the brand-an increasingly complex
      process. Defining a brand involves emphasising its key benefit and
      attributes for consumers. The IOC and its leadership, especially their
      Catholicos and Malankara Metropolitan know how to place their brand of
      idealism, with sugar coated nationalism, we are no where near them.
      A majority of JSO laymen and a very few priests or metroplitan will
      only be there to face their brunt of humiliation (not only mental
      even physical).

      The IOC leadership is very much clear about the sophisticated new
      analytical appraoches and provide the precision with conceptual
      clarity in defining a brand of nationalist church (an Indian Church)
      in line with the Bycentine Orthodox Churches, and delivering it through
      a variety of touch points, the sites where the peace loving Malankara
      Makkal will be fooled with their sugar coated lie. The peace mongers
      from our side will only help them in succeeding.

      The so called peace mongers will have their eyes on heaven, because
      our LORD's offer is still open, where it says... "Those who seek
      peace will find place in heaven". Instead of standing united against
      the onslaught on our faith, these peace mongers are really doing harm
      to our Church.

      If defending our faith is a SIN, I stand for that SIN, and hope there
      will be lakhs and lakhs to share with my feelings.

      With lot of love to my fellow JSO Members,
      CJ Varughese
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