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  • V Thomas
    Dear ALL, Once there was a rowdy boy who has beaten up an innocent classmate. The case was brought to the school head master. The head master Who was having
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2003
      Dear ALL,

      Once there was a rowdy boy who has beaten up an innocent
      classmate. The case was brought to the school head master.
      The head master Who was having some relation to the rowdy boy,
      the boys that both of them have quarreled. So mistake is
      there on both. One may be at more mistake and the other at
      fewer mistakes. So he has concluded that the innocent boy and
      rowdy boy are equally at fault.

      This is the benefit of equating good and bad. The bad get benefit.

      Once in this forum I wrote about a Muslim forum Ajnuman Majilis,
      etc etc (they have bombed few churches in Bangalore).They used to
      follow this trick They used to have followers and converts in many
      villages in Karnataka and A.P

      First they go to a village and start their operation in the name of
      religious tolerance.

      They will say that all religions are good and equal. When they get
      few followers they will start telling Mohamed is the last prophet
      and Islam is 1st among equals. Slowly They will convert these people
      to Islam. Then they turn them into fanatics.

      Few Orthodox spokes in the forum do the same trick. See latest from

      * I detest many of the actions and speech by BOTH sides.
      * They pretend they are neutral.

      Then say they are at fault and fighting.

      They compare Their Catholocise who is their HH to Patriarch. They say
      allwant peace All of us are one, The Qurbana is same, faith is same etc.
      By equating like this the bad get the benefit.

      I would like to remind them,
      1.there is no equality between HH Patriarch and IOC Catholocise. One is
      the head of church the other is punished and excommunicated fellow.

      2.Both sides are not fighting. Orthodox side is filing and trying to bring
      court case One after the other. We are trying to defend our self.

      3,Qurbana cannot be recited by anyone. He should be a 'PATTAKKARAN".

      Everything has a way and well defined for us. Even seniority is counted
      among bishops. The Achen during Qurbana fold the doopakutti and use.
      The same cannot be done by Sexton and every one in madbhaha for, example.
      You cannot say doopakutty is same Operation is same.

      4.We are no more one. We have new constitution and new H.B.. The best
      way is to peacefully separate. IOC can adopt a Byzatine/Coptic, Greek
      patriarch, as their head if they do not want Syrian Patriarch. They can
      change constitution also to remove Patriarch. But we not leave our
      HH ZAKKA I ST and with out HH’s Kalpana(.Order) we will not accept IOC
      their priests and bishops as people with Kaiveppu)

      5.We do not want peace,but need a peaceful seperation.Leave us alone!
      6.We believe Jesus has appointed St Peter as Head of church and Patriarch
      is a high priest in that line. We do not consider IOC Catholicose as a
      priest even, as HH has excommunicated,him.

      I am not going to quote all the differences here.Please do not try to
      assume things and say Everyone approve that

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