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Thus spoke Rev.Fr. Kuriakose Moolayil.

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  • Jose Kurian
    Dear and respected brethren, This refers to the posting of Respected Moolayil Kuriakose Achen in Digest no-688and serves to convey my deep reverence to him.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 27, 2003
      Dear and respected brethren,

      This refers to the posting of Respected Moolayil Kuriakose Achen
      in Digest no-688and serves to convey my deep reverence to him.

      There are so many faithful in both factions, who sincerely desire
      to see two separate Churches instead of two factions, if a unity
      could not be attained. As Respected Achen said Malankara Orthodox
      Church could remain as two separate Churches with mutual respect
      and co-operation in the fields wherever possible. No one could
      deny that many families are already interconnected and in future
      also there will be inter-faction marriages as long as these two
      factions would stick on the same heritage, faith, order of worship
      and priest hood as well as traditions. No leadership could stop a
      parent from giving his daughter in marriage to a bridegroom of the
      other faction. The Holy Spirit could grant the solution to the
      present day problems and if it is His will we could separate as
      two independent Churches. As Respected Achen suggested, all of
      us, from both factions, the clergy and the laity, must not forget to
      �give respect and take respect�. Forums of both factions must make it
      a point to be cautious not to spread enmity, hatred and anger. These
      are not at all Christian. By mistake we all consider that the
      expression of over respect to our own causes and arguments are holy
      and divine. When we will think in the pure Christian point of view/real
      Christian perspective, these sorts of expressions would drive us away
      from the presence of God Almighty rather than allowing us to remain
      close to Him. In I Corinthians 2:14-3:9, we read that the natural man
      does not receive the things of the Holy Spirit, as they are foolishness
      to him, but he that is spiritual would judge all things because we
      have the mind of Christ. If we were with the minds of Christ, we
      would not have abused others or ridicule the clergy especially the
      high priests. When we take the Church matters for discussion or for
      analyzationg, we all must feel and must regard it as God�s matter rather
      than our own.

      Lord Jesus during His public mission has tried several times to emphasize
      this fact that the Church belongs to God Almighty and we must long for
      God�s will. The sum and substance of last Sunday�s gospel reading
      (St. Matthew 16:5-12) was also the same. After all, the entire Holy
      Church is the Holy body of our Lord Jesus, where Christ is the head.
      We are supposed to act according to the instructions from our Lord,
      as a part of the human body moves according to the timely instructions
      of the brain. When we would link Church affairs as our own, there arise
      the problems. Each individual must think whether his/her word, deed or
      thought would do any favor to God�s will. If such a thinking is there,
      everything will be smooth, according to God�s will. It is sure that God
      won�t be happy and pleased in our faction fighting and mutual abusing.
      Let us try to repent for our wrong doings and try to lead meaningful
      and worthy Christian lives. May the Holy Spirit guide one and all.

      May God bless us all.
      Jose Kurian Puliyeril.
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